Lure Junkie – Out with the New and in with the Old Faithfuls

I’m not sure I can really call myself an outright lure junkie anymore.  I have plenty of lures and buy plenty more when I have the desire to do so but one thing is for certain, I have refined my tastes.  It’s no longer about going out and buying whatever is new but what I really think is going to work.  I remember a few years ago, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to spend over $500 per visit to the tackle store and that was just for what I call consumables. 

The consumables (stuff you should be losing pretty regularly) have certainly changed.  When I first started fishing, it was jigheads and soft plastics, about 2 years ago it shifted to about 50/50 soft plastics and hardbodies and now it is almost completely hardbodies (although I haven’t bought a packet of plastics in a good 12 months, so it might be completely hardbodies).  I have refined my tastes, found what I like and keep buying the same type of lures.

My hardbody collection has now tapered down.  Since my first trip in a Hobie, I now carry more of the lures I like rather than all of the lures I own.  Tackle trays dedicated to crankbaits have Atomic Cranks, Daiwa Baby Cranks and Ecogear CX35s, with a sprinkling of other crankbaits.  I no longer have the need to carry the latest release in every colour but would rather carry multiples of a single lure in my favourite colours.

This has helped me, I can now load a Hobie Pro Angler without compromising on my confidence lures and haven’t looked back.  I realised that a lot of lures would sit there and over time the trebles would rust and I was replacing the trebles for them to rust some more, all of this, without ever being used.

I know I still have the Lure Junkie status, as I cannot bear to sell them or give away those unused, unloved lures.  Maybe it’s because I’m a hoarder or maybe because I need them there to remind me of where I’ve been or what I’ve learned but I can honestly say that I have no need to take them for every trip anymore.

I’m sure there are many like me around the country with varying degrees of the lure junkie affliction, enough of us to start a weekly group… let me start by saying, my name is Chris and I’m a lure junkie…

What’s your best Lure Junkie moment?

10 responses to “Lure Junkie – Out with the New and in with the Old Faithfuls

  1. I buy everything in multiples of 3 or more, even new types just in case they go off and you lose one I hate the feeling of being left with one of anything. My name is Josh and Im a lure junkie…

    • Hey Josh,
      That’s good advice. I’ve encountered it a few times now, where I’ve culled my lure collection and the very lure that is successful, is the one that I inevitably lose and don’t have any more to use.

      Part of the challenge from there is trying to get something else to work.


  2. This article is like one of those meetings you see on the movies. I feel like you have set me an example to follow. I am not going to feel ashamed of my many hard body lures. My name is Craig and I too am a lure junkie!
    Seriously though, I am starting to be more selective in what I do buy in order to suit what I do best. The area I need to consider is the idea of suspending lures and using them more effectively. When I get my Hobie it will be an interesting exercise in downsizing everything again.

    • Hi Craig,
      The Hobie is a great thing for learning, I actually have started next week’s article based around being a lure junkie in a Hobie and how to cope with less storage but I actually believe it has helped me to focus my attention on what I can control, rather than the bucket loads of lures I left behind.


      • Looking forward to reading it Chris. Pre-boat I owned a Percpetion minnow which I did my bream and Bass fishing out of so it will be good to read your perspective for when I have to scale back again.

  3. Hi My Name is Jon and i am also a lure junkie. i would say that i have started a collection of lures and half of them have never been used. well maybe only once before switching to a lure that i have confidence in. i just keep telling myself that i might needed them. i have also found my self running out of space in my PA to hold all my lures and now I’m trying to carry less and making the hard choice of what lures to cull out. i don’t think i could ever stop buying new lures as i am a sucker for anything new.

    • Hi Jon,
      You’ve been doing the Hobie thing longer than me but I can say that I carry the same quantity of lures, just less variety and when you don’t have to carry a million packets of soft plastics around, it saves on space.

      I’m a bit of a sucker for new lures too, lures catch fisherman more than they catch fish!


  4. Hi my name is Paul I to am a lure junkie. I thought Id left my lures behind the last time I went fishing @ Lake tyres. I couldnt find them in my car, my shed or my hobie. I stated to feel sick. My wife could not understand what was wrong. Long story short they slid down inside my outback. When I found them it was a soothing hit. Iam Paul and I have a tackle addiction.

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  6. I was fishing with my lucky bream lure which has landed me multiple 40+cm fish, a Daiwa Double Clutch 60SP, when it got snagged quite badly. Try as I might, I couldn’t get it off the snag. So I checked the tide chart for the next super moon lowtide and saw that it was 3 nights away. I cut the line and pinned it to the bank under a rock so that if the hooks rusted out, that the lure would still be retrievable. Then three nights later, on the supermoon low tide, I went back to the snag. The water level was so low that I managed to walk all the way out to the snag and pick my lure off the rock it was stuck under without even getting my shoes wet.

    My name is Kelvin, and I’m a lure junkie…

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