Scratching the itch

What happened to the weather?  In the lead up to the Easter, weather reports for the Tuesday after Easter were looking good.  I had the day off from work and between family and renovations I hadn’t been fishing in what seemed like an eternity.  Continuation of mid 20 degree days, moderate winds and most importantly the day off was the perfect recipe for fishing while the masses returned to work.

Knowing I had a busy Easter weekend ahead of me, I had prepared my fishing gear the week prior but more importantly checked over my boat and trailer as I hadn’t used it since the Australian Open in January (Yes Josh, you were right, us Seeto boys hardly used our boats throughout the summer, the Kayaks reigned supreme).  As the Easter weekend progressed the weather reports looked more and more grim.  By Monday night I had pretty much written off going fishing because of the reports of a cold front moving through from the south.  With gale force winds predicted I could definitely think of more enjoyable things to do than being blown around Sydney Harbour.  At 5:30am Tuesday morning my alarm went off however my body told me sleep was more important, maybe I wasn’t going fishing today.  It’s interesting what that extra half an hour sleep can do because at 06:00am I woke up with a completely different attitude – I needed to wet a line.  I jumped in my car that I hitched the trailer to the night before and was on the water by 07:00am.

Despite the cold front blowing through on the Monday evening, I had a feeling that the water temperature would still be up, hoping the fish would be sitting towards the top of the water column.  The water temperature was the first thing I checked and it was 20 degrees Celsius.  Awesome, armed with multiple GoPro cameras I headed straight to docks and marinas in an effort to capture for the camera, some of the crankbaiting techniques I like to use before the slow winter bite sets in.  After an hour of plugging away for one small fish, some nearby boats that I had never fished before caught my eye.  It wasn’t the fact that I had never fished them but more so the fact that the wind was picking up causing the boats to sway on their moorings which is my ideal conditions for crankbaiting boats (but that’s another story).  During the next hour I boated quite a number Bream, the quality increasing with the strength of the wind but by 9:00am it started to really blow up (reports that the wind was blowing around 30-35 knots by 11:00am) and I decided to call it quits – fishing in 35 knot winds is not my idea of an enjoyable day off.

I only spent 2 hours on the water and I didn’t encounter any mind-blowing fishing, but I managed to ‘scratch the itch’ and wet a line.  Hopefully next time, it won’t be so long between outings.

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