The other kind of family fishing……..

The Seeto boys have their own sort of family fishing with the kids but over this past Easter weekend I did a bit of my own. Independently to any influence from me, my brother has been getting into fishing lately and living in Brisbane it is only a few weekends a year we do see each other. So when we both went to visit Mum and Dad at Yamba for Easter, he was even more keen than me to get out.

Now I’m not a particular fan of fishing on long weekends, especially Easter as it tends to be a complete zoo and not having a boat up there this time made for a bit of a think about what to do. What’s easy to catch while also being easy enough to explain “why” we are there catching them……. Flathead of course. My sisters Italian boyfriend also came with us and he is a complete amateur when it comes to fishing, so casting heavier jig heads with plastics that practically do all the work were going to make the problem of lack of mechanics on Massimo’s part a little less of an issue. I have learned from past experiences trying to teach novice anglers to fish Bream or Bass in that it can be quite hard as casting light Bream lures where they need to be is hard for a newcomer and Bass fishing tends to mean a lot of lures overshot and tangled in overhead trees. Not to mention the control it takes keeping a lures in the right spot at times for impoundment Bass.

It took a lot of convincing by me to impart the idea to Seth that we need not go at 7 in the morning as the tides were going to be right at closer to 11 and the fish would come with the tide. It’s a fairly well known spot for flathead with decent current and a big shallow flat that drains off a deeper edge. Half the reason was catching the fish and the other was trying to explain “why” this was the spot to be and why when the water started to get to shin height the fish started to come on.

Between three of us I think we got eight Flathead none of which were particularly big, which would have been great but more importantly I feel as though I taught Seth how to go back home and read the water around him and think like the fish he is trying to catch and with any luck he’ll be rewarded when he goes out and tries it. I’ll actually be more happy if he does catch fish afterwards rather than on the day itself.

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