Hobie Pro Angler 12

In a lureandfly.com exclusive, Josh interviews Steve Fields from Hobie about the release of the brand new Hobie Pro Angler 12.

Stay tuned to hear the  run down from Josh!

8 responses to “Hobie Pro Angler 12

  1. I so want one!!!! Not sure I can justify it though, the 19′ Ranger, the 16.5′ Ally Tracker I inherited and my dad’s 12′ V-hull……But a 12′ Hobie for those solo mental health type sessions….Hmmmm…..Honey?????

    • Brian, you can never have enough toys! I’m looking forward to getting my bum in one of those Vantage seats.


  2. It looks great, and they’ve fixed a few of the annoying things about the current model but it’s only like 6kgs lighter. It’s still going to be a beast to transport.

    • Hi Sam,
      I like the look of the seat and tackle storage. I think that will benefit me the most. I just manage the PA 14 onto my 2m high car, so I’ll take any weight loss that Hobie can give me!


  3. Awesome looking yak, the great thing about hobie they listen to the user. Love the new seat and the recess mounted transducer. the reduced length should give better steering too. Cant wait to get my arse in one

    • Greg is looking forward to the seats too. Last ABT comp at Forster, he decided to take a nap (I’m not joking either) mid way through the tournament and commented that a reclining seat would have been much more comfortable.

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  5. yes hobie your biggest brawback is the weight address this and sales will soar; all the best

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