On the road again… (Images courtesy of David Poulton)

I can’t wait for this weekend, when we head to Port Macquarie to fish the Port Macquarie Bream Classic, hosted and run by David Poulton.

For the second time now, the event is being run earlier in the year, and my sources tell me that the bream fishing of late has been pretty bloody good.  In fact, one of the well respected locals (I’m talking about you Mr Hickson), informed me today that he hooked and lost one of the biggest bream he’s ever seen, over the last week.

Port Macquarie is a fantastic venue, and the event caters for kayakers as well as teams.  It’s not too late to enter, so check out the Port Macquarie Bream Classic website for event details and entry forms.

If you can’t get down there for the weigh in each day, you can check back for my Monday Morning Gallery next week…

Images courtesy of David Poulton

3 responses to “On the road again… (Images courtesy of David Poulton)

  1. Wondering if the Samaki rod is the 2-6lb 7’6 model .. wondering how that goes with surface if that’s the one used
    Cheers .. all the best for the weekend

  2. Good to see you blokes coming back up to gods country. Hopefully the river doesn’t go into full flood and lets us catch some bream this weekend.

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