More straight through musings

Why am I always going on about using fluorocarbon straight through? I’m still not 100% sure. But what I do know is that the more I try to do with it, the more I find it isn’t letting me down.

I wrote about going up to 6lb straight through around racks and heavy cover a while ago and found it was pretty good when using heavier lures (let’s just say, I wouldn’t recommend trying to throw around SX40’s anytime). As with many things with me it is usually a tidbit of information from someone else added to something I have been thinking about that is the seed of something new.

The first part of this idea came after seeing Aaron Horne fishing during the BETS grand final last year. To me, Aaron is one of those guys that may not be the most well known angler but certainly one of the most talented. He tends to have insights into fishing and fish that others may look over. He was fishing a blade lure up the Parramatta river but I immediately noticed he was doing it with a Heartland-Z Midge Direction. A lovely rod but something I would have thought to be way too soft and slow tapered for fishing blades. Later, I found out he believes it gives a blade a much more natural action that the usual, fast tapered, super sensitive rod coupled with zero stretch braided line. The rod acted like a bungy, softening the lures movement.

All of this made sense to me and while I was fiddling around with the 6lb a few months after the idea came that I could probably use the slightly more stretchy properties of fluro the same as a soft rod. Luckily enough I have moved to a place where fishing blades is a staple and I got a chance to test out the idea. Now this is far from something I would call a solid technique but it certainly did work.

I was using the same 6lb Daiwa BRAVE finesse fluro I wrote about last time only I tied a ZX40 on this time. Straight away it certainly feels different to what I’m used to but there was still plenty of contact and feel to the lure and when the bites came there was no mistaking. Thats all the sensitivity I need.

The proof is in the pudding and after a few fish during a short outing on Saturday I opened Sunday morning with my first kilo Bream from the Basin since moving here. It’s an encouraging start to an idea and I’ll have to see how using fluro in this situation is when the conditions are less than ideal but when it is windy and choppy and you are having trouble keeping contact with your lure then thats probably the time to break out the rods with braid anyway because the conditions call for them.

Stay tuned to see how this shapes up with more time on the water.

One response to “More straight through musings

  1. Thanks for that .. So the Diawa light rock fish should b OK for blades with fl straight thro?

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