Packing the Hobie

The Hobie is a great platform to fish from (the Hobie Pro Angler 12 will be even better), the ability to sneak up on fish without worrying about electric motors, shallow water or casting too much of a shadow but the challenge for me is packing in what I normally take with me on the boat.

One thing that I wrote about recently, is cutting back on the variety of tackle I use.  That was all about having the same quantity of lures but having less variation.  This stemmed from my time in the Hobie, where taking 3 of the medium sized Plano boxes and 2 of the small Planos of lures was the maximum I could really fit, they are the small Plano boxes too.

I thought I’d break it down for you.

Plano 1 – Crank baits

Never, ever leave home without them… EVER!!! This should be bulging at the seems, Atomic Cranks, Daiwa Baby Cranks, Ecogear CX35s and an assortment of others are all you need (read: all I need!).  Packing these in should revolve entirely around what the favourite style or brand and colours you like.  I pack more of the Baby Crank in Lazer Ayu and Rusty Ayu and less of the Atomic Crank in Hot Tail, the reason why?  I use more of the Lazer Ayu and Rusty Ayu.

Plano 2 – Shad style Crankbaits

I use these less but sometimes, when the going gets tough, the SX40s get pulled out of the naughty corner to save the day.  I carry a variety of SX40s because I reckon each colour has it’s moment of glory but I mix in a healthy serve of Atomic Bream Shads and the Presso Minnows, Yogiris, Yonagis and Wise Minnows from the Daiwa stable as well.

Plano 3 – Surface

Generally not used during winter, I have a wide selection of cup faced lures, walk the dog stick baits and pre rigged surface plastics.

Plano 4 – Stuff that sink

I’m not a huge fan of blades but I carry a small selection but I am a massive fan of stick minnows, they are a great lure for certain applications.  In this box I have Ecogear blades, Kangoku Vibs, Daiwa Gekkabijin Vibs Tiemco Stick Minnows and Austackle Shinkus.  That’s all I really use, so that’s all I really carry!

Plano 5 – Jigheads

This tackle box is a bit of a waste, I end up throwing out rusty jigheads about every 3 months because they rarely get used… unless I am exceptionally desperate.  From here I tie on a jighead, try and find a soft plastic and soak a lure.


I do have 2 large Plano boxes for leader material, tools, sunscreen and replacement trebles.  They usually sit between the seat and livewell.  I also carry my surplus hardbody lure box, a small box, stacked to the lid with spare hard bodies, this sits in the front hatch next to my wet weather gear and food/water.

Next come the rods, I squeeze 5 on board, 3 on the right and two on the left.  My tip, use interlines because guides get tangled and interlines don’t have guides.

So that is how I store my gear in a Hobie Pro Angler 14.  It works for me and revolves around taking the lures I use and not the lures I don’t.

8 responses to “Packing the Hobie

  1. Chris, with so many lures how long do you stick with one before you change to another. Do you have any rules around this.

    • Hi Rob,
      It’s a bit of a gut feel and a bit of experience too, sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. I generally have a fat bodied crank bait on one rod and a shad style lure on another, from there I can quickly change back and forth without wasting time on retying lures. If I’ve got extra rods, I’ll tie on different lures for the same reason.

      Cutting back on the variety of lures has helped but I do have my favourites that get used on almost every occasion.


      • could you post up a better picture of the way that pink grub is rigged with a double hook???


      • Hi Jason,
        I’ll do one better, I’ll write up something about how I rig these with a step by step process. I’ll try and do a video at some stage too.


    • Hi Sam,
      I like to use a lift and pause technique. I wind up any slack line, lift and hold without winding. When the line goes slack (i.e. the lure sinks back to the bottom), I wind up the slack line and start again.

      I’ve found that most vibes/blades work best when fished on tight line as explained above. I’m keen to hear if you have another technique that you’ve found works!

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