My next big spend… Power-Pole

Lately Chris and I have spent some time fishing with Steve Morgan in his new Phoenix Bass Boat.  This machine is fitted with every conceivable, technologically advanced, big boys toy that you can think of.  Humminbird 1198 big screen TV… I mean sounder, Lithionics battery setup and, I think my personal fave, the Blade 10 Power-Pole

So what’s the big deal about a Power-Pole I can hear you asking! Truth be told, before fishing with one, I asked the same thing.  Yes, I could see the benefits in principle, but questioned whether this piece of kit could provide the same value as say the electric motor or the side imaging sounder that are both integral to the setup on my boat. How the heck did we ever live without these…?

The Power-Pole is like a stakeout pole on my Hobie.  The 10 foot version on Morgo’s boat allows him to stake out his boat in up to 10 foot of water.  A bit like “spot lock” on the new generation electric motors, but in strong wind or current, it deploys quickly, holds the boat securely in the exact spot he wants it and allows him to fish the area thoroughly and quietly, all by wireless remote control.

Retrieving snagged lures out of the shallows became so much simpler with the Power-Pole as well.  Anchoring up prevented the rear of the boat swinging around, and also prevented the boat getting washed onto the rocks in the wash and wind chop.

The Monday after the Derwent River Qualifier, we spent the day on the water filming. Morgo’s preferred technique is to fish the shallow edges and reefs scattered throughout the fishery, and the Power-Pole was deployed more often than not.  On one particular reef that’s associated with strong current and in this instance, strong wind, we anchored up upstream of the reef and peppered it with our lures.  With an electric motor only, there’s no way we could have fished it as thoroughly, and with a standard anchor, there’s no way we could have fished it with as much stealth and speed.

Following hookup and landing the fish, taking photos (the real reason why we were there) was made so much simpler. Deploying the Power-Pole prevented the boat drifting off the spot, and over the reef, affording so much more finesse to our approach.

I really could have used the Power-Pole on Day 1 of the qualifier.  Fishing a reef down the front of the system, my fish came on in the last hour, as the atrocious weather front came through.  The fish appeared to be schooled on the up current, up wind end of the reef, and I managed my last 2 fish and 2 upgrades in that last period.  Problem was we were getting blown off the “sweet spot” quickly, making it really difficult to fish effectively.

The stockist here in Australia for the Power-Pole is Josh Batterson from Skeeter Australia.  He brings in the full range of models and can assist with install as well if you require.

I’ve just ordered mine, and it should be here in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for a full review and some Australian specific imagery and video of it in action…  Somehow I suspect that it’s going to end up being one of those things that I don’t know how I lived without, especially for cranking those pontoons and boats in that 6-10ft range that I so love to fish…

2 responses to “My next big spend… Power-Pole

    • Hi Brett – best to have a chat with Josh Batterson to work out which unit is going to suit you best. From memory, they range from about $2000-$3000, model dependent.

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