Late Season Trout (hopefully)

As the closed seasons for some freshwater species are looming and the weather is cool enough now that a good trek through the bush won’t be too hot or too much of a snake hazard the four of us are trying to get together soon and hit some of the rivers that will be no go zones for the spawning season.

If you run in the fishing circles on Facebook then your news feed will most probably have had some Trout in it. Eucumbene river seems to be a hot spot at the moment with enough fish over the 6lb mark to warrant the use of gear a little heavier than you might normally take. As with these kind of things, by the time you hear the fish are really on the chew, it’s probably already over. None the less it has whet my appetite for some late season stream trout.

I had a great few days in the start of last October when the season first opened walking a river with a rod, a handful of lures and the epic camera skills of Brad Sissins to make even what we thought would be a river full of small fish look good (all the images you see in this are courtesy of Brad and pulled from his website Shottobits with permission). In the end we found fish that were much bigger than we anticipated and had a blast for two days. certainly isn’t about keeping secrets but at the same time naming somewhere very specific can mean a flood of anglers to the one spot and guarantee it a flogging. The truth is though, Brad found that spot with a bit of a search on the internet and who knows, the fishing may have been ten times better somewhere else. The point is I needn’t tell you a specific spot as it’s as easy as looking at a little bit of google maps and parking the car at somewhere the road crosses a river and walking it. was the site we got everything we needed to know from. It’s certainly not a new site and I doubt it contains anything super secretive but it pretty much has everything you need to find a location to fish for trout only a few hours from Sydney.

So for now, enjoy, and if you do decide to get out there for some late season trout action be sure to let us know. Hopefully we’ll have some stories to tell along with pics and video if we can mange to get out there before the closure. 

All images courtesy of Bradley Sissins.  You can check out his website Shottobits 

4 responses to “Late Season Trout (hopefully)

  1. what rod is josh holding it the photos? looking for a little trout stick myself and currently thinking black label???

    • It’s actually a Presso rod and reel which are made specifically for Trout fishing. That said, the UL Black label would be perfect for this and is probably what I’ll be using if I get up there this weekend.

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