Pink Grubs, Kris Hickson style!

It was over a year ago now that I got some insight into how Kris Hickson rigs his pink grubs and while I will not claim this as my own, I thought I’d demonstrate how I’m rigging the “Hickson Rig”, as I’ve been calling it.

What you need:

1 x Long sewing needle (roughly 100mm long with a large eye)

1 x Pack of Ecogear Grass Minnows

20-50lb braid

Double Hooks


Size 0 or Size 1 Split rings

Step 1:

Take a Grass minnow and carefully feed the needle from the tail to the head, leaving the eye of the needle sticking out from the back of the Grass Minnow.

Step 2:

Using 20cm of braid, tie one of the double hooks to one end of the braid using a uni knot (or similar) and trim down the knot.

Step 3:

Thread the other end of the braid into the eye of the needle and carefully pull through the Grass Minnow.  Make sure you pull the shank of the double hook into the body of the Grass Minnow.  Unthread the braid once through.

Step 4:

Tie a split ring to the end of braid at the head of the Grass Minnow, as close to the head of the bait as possible (tip: compress the plastic down towards the hook points).  Trim the tag end.

Step 5:

Use the superglue to carefully glue the hook shank to the body and the split ring to the head of the bait.  This will also help glue the knots together.

7 responses to “Pink Grubs, Kris Hickson style!

    • Let us know how they go, make sure you check the knots and pre-tie them before you get on the water!

  1. Like your sewing there, can you do my trouser hem too? On a serious note great tips Chris and Kris. vicki

  2. If you tie the braid to the needle you can do a few in a row. Uni to connect the w hook, pull through as you guys did. Then thread the split ring over the needle so it touches the plastic . Then simply a clinch , or improved clinch , using the needle point to work your way back through if the knot had tightened….

    Thanks guys , knocked out a pack of grass minnows as quick as can be

      • No worries vicki , just found that by keeping the braid tied meant the the split ring knot was alot easier for
        Me to tie. I was struggling to bu ch up the plastic and tue the split ring off .

        Thanks again lads

  3. What do you think of doing it with lead core line, to weigh them down a bit. I made up five of these the other day, when I thought of it and since I work in a tackle store, I should be able to get a metre or so, next time we make up some cheapie lead-core combo.

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