Getting the juju back

ju·ju (jj)


1. An object used as a fetish, a charm, or an amulet in West Africa.
2. The supernatural power ascribed to such an object.

With St Georges Basin ABT qualifier this weekend it’s time to try and shake off  last years epic double donut performance. It’s not like I fished badly last year. I stayed focused and fished the entire time and didn’t lose my head. I just didn’t catch any fish.

And so it was that I came to find myself in Coles today with half of what was in my basket falling into the “good juju” category.  As much as I wouldn’t describe myself as a superstitious person, when you lay the facts out I guess I kind of am. Where do fisherman get this idea of something being lucky and why? I understand the reasons behind bananas being associated with bad luck but where the the ideas of good luck come from? A TAG from a few years ago had a picture of “barnacle man”, a comic book figurine that had be lost and at the bottom long enough to collect barnacles that became Jay Morgans lucky trinket after hooking it while fishing (I think thats how the story goes) first image on this page

When I think back, the first I really remember being conscious of this superstition was when I was competing in bartending competitions while living in Las Vegas. After the first good result I decided for some reason……….. it was the shoes. Forever after they were my lucky shoes and worn during the finals (but not during qualifying) of a comp. OK, thats not super strange, but it gets better. One comp while putting the shoes on, there was a quarter (coin) in the left shoe. I decided that it was a good omen and left it in there. I did well in the comp and the coin never again left that shoe and I didn’t just wear them for comps either. I walked around with a coin in my shoe a lot. It sounds insane now to write it and yet I still pick up these weird little things when it comes to fishing tournaments.

First one, and most important is the tin of Heinz Baked Beans in the boat or kayak. I used to have a tin rolling around my old tinnie and after doing well in a Bass/Barra comp on Monduran dam and taking out big Barra for the comp one of my mates saw the Heinz tin and commented “it must have been the magic beans”. This was enough to get me started. Where it was solidified was when I deliberately took that tin out of the boat and put it in the kayak for no other reason than they were now “lucky” and went to my first ever kayak comp and took out 1st place. Since then, the beans are a must.

Chocolate chip cookies are the latest one. I refer to them as my KVD cookies hoping some of Kevin Van Dams powers will rub off somehow.

I know none of these things have any actual impact on the outcome…… or do they? Maybe not having one or more of them will make me lack confidence on the day? Maybe having them will make me confident and focused. All I know is that I’m not going to take that chance.

2 responses to “Getting the juju back

    • Wow……. I kind of thought I was a little crazy but anyone who picked me in Pick-your-Flicker is totally bonkers 😛

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