Out of my comfort zone…

Well, you regular lureandfly.com readers would have been expecting this article in some form or another after the weekends ABT qualifier at St Georges Basin.

My weekend was actually pretty enjoyable despite the fact that I spent it doing all the things that don’t really inspire me on the fishing front. Fortunately I had 2 great non boaters, and the social aspect of the tournaments didn’t disappoint.

Renowned for it’s deep bite, and given I couldn’t find a bite in less than 2 m of water (except for the “close to a meter flatty” I hooked on the first morning), I spent the weekend doing what everyone else was doing – fishing the deep water in “The Basin”.

This year, I’ve taken the attitude that I will do what I need to – technique wise, to get my limit each tournament.  That is, rather than take the attitude that I’m going to tell the fish what I want them to do, or which lures I want them to bite.  I love fishing the structure and the edge bite, but this weekend I used and honed a whole different skill set.

I spent a lot more time looking at my sounder this weekend, and this was probably the first time that I have really appreciated the upgrade to the Humminbird 998. In fact my pre fish day was predominantly spent cruising around, sounding out bottom structure and schools of bait.  I could only catch a couple of small fish, but I identified areas that I was going to fish that were holding bait.

The things I learnt? The Basin holds some great by catch!  Snapper, massive Flatties and elbow slapping Whiting! And, it’s great to have a couple of good non boaters for the conversation in those long “biteless” periods (thanks John & Joffa).

It was certainly an exercise in patience, but I came very close to my goal of catching my full limit in unfamiliar territory.

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