Waterproof storage

While you’re on the water, dry storage is a must.  When the weather turns nasty, keeping valuables such as wallets, phones and car keys dry is essential.Generally my dry bags have served this purpose well but with an increase in equipment I now carry with me, the idea of my phone or keys banging around with my camera gear is a little disturbing.

A recent birthday gift from my Grandmother and Aunty may just be the solution I am after.  SEAK waterproof boxes, they come in a variety of sizes but the ones I received were the 500ml, 900ml and 1.3L versions.  The construction of these boxes appears to be quite robust, equipped with a lanyard, waterproof up to 80ft and a lifetime warranty.  Now it still may be a while before I get to hit the water again, whether it be 1 month or 6 months, I’ll be sure to give them a go.

2 responses to “Waterproof storage

    • Hi Brett,

      I would imagine so. Considering that they are waterproof, the air that becomes trapped within the box itself should keep it afloat. On that note, it’s something I’ll test out when I get a chance to use them.


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