A Mixed Bag

I’ve been on the road for work the last few weeks and it has been a bit of a blur, but today I actually stopped in at one of the cooler tackle stores I have seen in a while. As much fishing as I do, I don’t actually see many tackle stores at all these days. I have a ton of gear already and top ups tend to come from online stores like fishin.com.au. To be totally honest I haven’t seen a tackle store that was very inspiring for a long time (probably since a Bass Pro store in the States).

Rod Bendings World in Inverloch Victoria is something completely different and had a few ideas that were new and a few products I hadn’t seen before. The first was a clothing line by a guy called Ray Troll from Alaska which featured his fishy art. Check out the website here. It reminds me a lot of Mambo stuff from 20 years ago but to do with fishing and fish.

The best thing about all of the clothing is that I would actually wear it in public which is more than I can say for most fishing related or themed apparel.

The other thing that was really something very original was that the owner David Walsh has also done a few children’s books about fishing and even has an animated TV show for kids in the works.

It’s a refreshing change to see a tackle store trying something different and paying attention to the little details that make a place more inviting and expect to see me in my new Ray Troll shirt soon. If you’re interested in one try www.rodbendingsworld.com or give them a call.

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