Beginners luck (Version 2.0)

As promised, this is instalment two.  It was cold!  That’s what I can tell you about my second attempt at the Jewies. I hit the water the other weekend with Scott Lear, with high hopes and even higher expectations. Rewind a few years to my previous attempt and there were no similarities at all.

On that trip I had no real expectations.  It was a warm May day, started with a leisurely coffee, chasing some squid and a 50+ pounder on the first cast.

Scotty and I started early, fishing at one of his go to spots.  The day didn’t start well, when Scott discovered the number plate on his trailer was missing. I quickly detoured and grabbed my boat, meeting him only a half hour later than we’d planned.

On the run up to the spot (Scott was driving) I looked down to grab something off the floor, and my glasses got caught in the down draft, blew off my head, bounced off the seat and over the side!  How many of you out there have lost glasses whilst a passenger on a fast boat?

I rarely sit there, I’m rarely a passenger, and this is the first pair of glasses I’ve ever lost.  Lucky I had my sunnies on board, because they have my prescription too.

I could drag this story out, but the short version is that we caught BUGGER ALL.  Not even a flathead, and only one bite on the third cast of the morning.

Somehow this is what I had perceived Jewie fishing to be like – taking the bad with the good… Bring on day 2 of my apprenticeship.  Hopefully Scotty will bring his “Lady Luck” with him on that trip…

3 responses to “Beginners luck (Version 2.0)

  1. Its a shame Greg that they weren’t on and about the glasses. It sounded like just one of those days.

  2. One of my friends lost his sunnys on a fast boat recently,,might be more common than we think ?

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