Road to Hobie Worlds : part 1 The Alabama Rig

While the date and venue have not been set yet the study certainly has begun and the biggest thing to hit tournament Bass fishing in a decade is the Alabama Rig or A-rig. So good in fact it has been banned at the highest level of the sport in the US. It is however still being used at all other levels and for many reasons is becoming a very popular technique.

I have written a piece about it before but that was more an interest piece about how it was used to win an elite level tour event and how it got canned from there on rather than an explanation of the how and why.

The A-rig is meant to imitate a small school of baitfish rather than just a single one on it’s own and from what I understand it is this big difference that makes it so effective. “Point of difference” is something you will see written a lot at It basically refers to how a small change or tweak can make all the difference and when it comes to bigger more educated fish that can be what it takes to get them to bite. The A-rig uses the same old lures that have worked for years but presents them in a way that fish have not seen. From what I have read so far it also seems to be a very effective “search bait” for finding fish which is something I’ll need at Worlds.

I’m still working under the assumption that the Worlds will be before the Kayak Grand Final which will put it in the end of October / start of November which will mean fish will start schooling up in an autumn pattern in many places and the A-rig has be devastating on schooled fish with multiple fish on at the same time a not uncommon thing.

Next up might be an email to Carl Jocumsen for a few pointers as I know he has been using it while there as I learned from reading his blog.

4 responses to “Road to Hobie Worlds : part 1 The Alabama Rig

  1. Very interesting Josh, do you know of anyone who has tried to make a lighter version and try it out on bream??
    I like what john said about getting your bag in 1 cast!!

    • I’m not 100% convinced the A-rig itself would work on any fish over here but I have tried a modified version of the “Double Hudd” rig which you can see here but not long enough to catch two fish at once. I have no doubt the double hudd would hook two Bream in the right situation but fishing it all the time waiting for that situation would be a pain. One day the conditions will be right and I’ll remember to tie it on

  2. Myself and a mate have been using the trail up technique with plastics off the rocks for jew for a while but i never really thought of using a few in one hit. Hmmm…its on now, but maybe one bloke throws the rig without hooks to fire em up.

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