My new set of wheels…

I’ve got a pretty crummy looking car, an old fuel sucking outboard motor and a boat from the last millennium but what I can boast about is a flash looking, aluminium I beam trailer with sparkly new wheels.  My previous trailer led a long and hard life, being non galvanised and used in saltwater for more weekends than I care to admit to, during the practice for the last Forster Mega Bream event, it finally let go of life.  I can honestly say, I’m not that sad to see it go!

The Old

The New

My new trailer is awesome and took a fair bit of research to determine what I wanted.  I looked at new and second hand, galvanised steel and aluminium but settled on a new aluminium trailer from Portsea Marine, who customise the Peterson trailer that you see here.  I chose this trailer because I conducted the typical “Generation Y” information search, I used Google, forums and blogs to determine which trailer manufacture would deliver the best value (read: Value for money ≠ the cheapest but it was a pretty damn good price).

Why did I choose aluminium?  It doesn’t corrode like steel, doesn’t have welds to crack (well my new trailer doesn’t) and was not that much more than an Easy Tow trailer (standard galvanised).  What I mean by value is that it cost me a little bit more than a galvanised steel trailer but I was confident that Portsea Marine would deliver in full on time and to the standard that was promised and most importantly, it suited my needs.

I believe this trailer will last me longer, tow straighter and is a better setup than the competition but one thing that I couldn’t measure prior to putting down a deposit, was the service level I received.  I can’t say enough nice things about the service, I can say that things didn’t go completely perfectly but the main thing is that although I believe transport companies aren’t Portsea Marine’s problem, they went well and truly beyond the call of duty to ensure I received my trailer when I wanted it!

It wasn’t all roses, I still had to deal with the “pleasant” transport company at my end (I love being grunted at!) but I’m happy with my purchase, ecstatic about the service level and over the moon about being back on the water.

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