Read the Fine Print!

Fine Print (noun):  matter set in small type, as in a contract, esp considered as containing unfavourable conditions that the signer might overlook Also called small print

It seems as though I may have overlooked the fine print for my boat insurance…however this time, it may just work in my favour.  Over the past few weeks I have read a few discussions on the internet and had a couple of conversations regarding breakdowns with boats, trailers and vehicles while towing a boat.  Ultimately this led me to follow up on a couple of comments made during the conversations and after a phone call to my insurer Club Marine it was confirmed that this “roadside” (or boatside) type of assistance is in fact included as part of my policy at no extra cost.

Over the last 6 or so years I have been paying for a seperate “Premium” roadside assistance service (which I have never used) because of the amount of travel I do with my boat.  I have always thought of it as a safety net in the event of a breakdown, but now that I am aware of Club Marine Assist, I will definitely be reconsidering the other roadside assistance service which I currently have next time it is up for renewal.

So the big question I am guessing you are asking right now is, what does it include?  Below is a list of some of the benefits of Club Marine Assist.  More information is available at or here.

Member Assist, 24/7 by telephone for help, advice directions and service, including information from and other websites:

  • Location of service centres
  • Special events
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Gourmet and dining
  • Club Marine Membership Benefits Card
  • Tide times and weather reports
  • Marina locations and services
  • Volunteer Marine Rescue Organisation details

Vehicle Assist for:

  • Flat or Faulty Batteries
  • Flat Tyres/Damaged Wheels
  • Replacement of lost keys
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Towing/Transportation

2 responses to “Read the Fine Print!

  1. I just went through my first boating insurance claim and (although it was not to do with towing the boat) i was very pleased with their service and speed of processing my claim. People jump to criticize their product, but when you actually have to go through a claim it is nice to have helpful and knowledgable staff on your side. Good to know i have the road side assist as a backup but hope to never use it!

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