Time for a bit of “nip, tuck” surgery…

My shiny set of wheels before she set sail from the US

The time has come to do some work on my trailer, before it suffers the same fate as Chris’, and I’m forced to purchase a new one.

I brought my Stratos 201 into the country a little over 2 years ago, though it certainly doesn’t seem that long!  At the time, I looked into my options for preparing the mild steel trailer for our adverse saltwater conditions. I kind of figured that I had an 18-24 month window to sort it out before I reached the point of no return.

The boat and trailer on arrival at Port Kembla

Those of you who know us, also know that we are pretty pedantic about our things.  The boat and trailer get washed down after every use, and I’ve been pretty cautious about making sure the trailer gets the attention it requires.

Even still, I’ve suffered the same fate as most.  Seized callipers, lighting issues and now, the tell tale signs of a mild steel trailer being used in the salt – rust.  Fortunately these days, getting parts for a US trailer is pretty simple.  Josh Batterson from bassboatshop.com.au holds most if not all of the UFP trailer parts required for my trailer.  In the last couple of months, I’ve replaced callipers, bearings and seals, and now hold a full set as spares.

But what about the rust? The trailer is still salvageable.  Tomorrow, it gets stripped down ahead of minor repairs before it’s sent off to be sand blasted, acid and gal dipped, repainted and reassembled, good as new! Check back in a couple of weeks for a full update. The plan is that there’s a few more years in her yet, before I need to look at a shiny new set of wheels like Chris’.

2 responses to “Time for a bit of “nip, tuck” surgery…

  1. G’day Greg I hope everything works out for your trailer matey mine also needs a little tlc as a little bit of rust is showing its tail I can’t wait to see your end result and hope they do a great job and im seriously considering going to do this within the next six months to mine as my trailer suits my boat to a T as I do not want another trailer unless I really have to as Chris has done to his and what a fly looking trailer he matched up to his gem well done.
    Looking forward to the end result in the up coming weeks Greg.

    Regards Richard

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