Lure Junkie – Saku Crank Jr SR/DR

The Saku Crank Jr should be a pretty familiar shape and size to any estuary angler, everything about it screams a very popular lure and the fact that it is copied should be no surprise.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery as it just goes to show that everyone wants a piece of the successful pie.

This happens all over the fishing industry (and every other industry) and is not limited to 38mm crankbaits nor other lures.  I’ve seen and heard of stories of the “appropriation” of rod butt configurations and reel components but that’s another story.  Lure manufacturers are not forced to “reinvent the wheel”, nor do the successful lure manufacturers protect their intellectual property, so we are left with an environment where we have identical lures on the market.  This will challenge the angler to pick the right lure from several similar or identical lures.

They Saku Crank Jr is a little 38mm crankbait, weighing in at 4.3grams and coming in a decent range of colours.  My initial perceptions are they aren’t finished that well (they aren’t bad) when compared to its carbon copy.  The paint seems to be roughly applied but for the price, I don’t think I have a right to complain. 

I think it will be just as effective as some of its competitors based on a good rattle and good action.  It’s size and build quality will survive most estuary encounters.  I will say that the few that I have used didn’t all swim straight out of the pack but with a bit of tuning, this lure served its purpose pretty well.  It eventually swam straight and held its depth.  The constant slow roll seems to produce a steady retrieve.

These lures will suit a couple of applications for me:

  1. More testing – to see if these will see there way into my regular rotation
  2. Structure fishing – If I lose a couple of these, I’m not going to lose any sleep
  3. Refine – If I can get these to perform as well as other lures, they’ll work out to be pretty good value.

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