escape to Tallowa Dam

For the past 12 months, the crew have been looking to take up an invitation from Greg and Darryl at Bay and Basin Sportsfishing to chase some South Coast Bass.Between individual, family and university commitments as well as Greg and Darryl’s busy guiding schedule, it wasn’t until 6 weeks ago that we actually managed to lock in a weekend where all of us could attend.

Staying at Josh’s new South Coast residence, right on the water’s edge of St Georges Basin made the Sunday morning 5:30am start a lot easier than leaving from Sydney.  We, along with Josh’s friend Claire followed Greg and Darryl’s trailer out to Tallowa Dam, where Vicki and her good friend Madelaine met up with us to search for some deep water winter Bass.

One of the most convenient things about this trip was that we didn’t need to bring anything except ourselves.  Why? Well if you have seen the Bay and Basin Sportsfishing Kayak trailer you know what I’m talking about.  For the rest I’ll sum it up like this – It is a trailer which is completely enclosed and fitted out to hold their fleet of 6 kayaks (including 4 Pro Anglers), it has a heap of storage for all the necessary fishing equipment and looks a million dollars.

The fishing for the weekend unfortunately was far from mind blowing. Finding the fish wasn’t so difficult as Vicki had no problems picking them out on the sounder schooled up in the deep just as Darryl predicted but tempting them to bite a lure was, as always a challenge in itself.

Despite only a handful of fish caught during the day, Vicki was more than happy that the fishing bug may have been planted in a few more females.   We managed to put a fishing rod in Claire’s hands for the first time as well as strengthening Madelaine’s growing interest for the sport.

For more images from the weekend, click here.

2 responses to “ escape to Tallowa Dam

  1. Great article! I have been thinking of doing a trip to Tallowa dam for ages. That trailer look unbelievable, will definitely have to give those guys a ring when I’m down that way

  2. Although the fishing wasn’t on fire, we had an absolute barrel of laughs. It was great to see Madelaine and Claire so keen to get back out on the water in prospects of more fish after a short break on the bank.

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