Read the Fine Print! – Part 2

Since posting the article, Read the Fine Print!, here the other week, there has been some feedback around two additional benefits on top of the previously stated which are part of Club Marine’s Pleasurecraft Insurance Policy which I’m sure will interest readers, especially those who regularly travel to fish tournaments.

Fishing Gear:  In respect to damage or theft, the amount Club marine will pay for Fishing Gear, Water Ski Equipment, Diving Equipment and Tools is limited to $1,500 (incl. GST) for each item and $10,000 (incl. GST) in total for all claims combined unless otherwise agreed on the Schedule”.

Tournament Fees:  Club Marine “will also cover You for loss of entry fees that are not refundable and paid by You and Your crew should a claim under the Policy cause you to withdraw from a fishing tournament or yacht racing event up to $2,000 (incl GST). The cover provided by this benefit will only be paid if the loss or damage sustained by Your Boat necessitates your withdrawal and no Excess will apply for these costs.”

Not having to make an insurance claim is the obvious desired outcome for anybody but knowing that these benefits are all part of the standard Club Marine Pleasurecraft Insurance Policy is definitely reassuring.  To find out more, go to or read their Pleasurecraft Insurance Policy product disclosure statement here.

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