Pimp my Livewell – Part 2: Flowrite Plumbing (words and images by Tracey Mammen)

In this article, Tracey takes us through the remainder of the Livewell upgrade.  If you haven’t already, read Pimp My Livewell – Part 1 here first.

The old system whilst not bad needed an overhaul.  The original system pumped water into the tank via the existing spray bars (port and starboard), filling both tanks at once and then the valve allowed recirculation and drain function. As I wanted to aerate the two livewells individually and recirculate the water in both when needed, it was decided to reconfigure the hoses so that the main tank (Port) was filled and aerated via a Flow-Rite PowerNozzle ™ Aerator.

These Flow-Rite aerators use venturis and this intensively delivers oxygenated water into the port side tank from the get go. The tanks share water as the water level is equalized via a cross pipe between them using gravity.

Due to the very tight and crowded space, Lincoln advised hooking up the replaced recirculation pump to the old spray bars that would deliver water to both tanks. This gives me the option to recirculate the water in both tanks simultaneously, with some additional aeration via the new Flow-Rite aerators.

Adding a new recirculation pump and PowerStream ™ aerator to the starboard tank was the final step. Lincoln was able to install the pump for me, which saved me picking up more tools (Thanks Lincoln). The install is not difficult, but the position of the pump is important. If incorrectly placed, there is a risk of creating an airlock, which renders the pump useless.  For more information go here, or ask Flow-Rite directly.

The PowerStream ™ aerator fitted to the starboard tank effectively pushes oxygenated water into the well. I wired the starboard pump to the ProTimer ™ switch, so I can set and forget the pump and know both my fish and batteries will last the distance!

Flowrite ProTimer

My “garden” hoses were replaced with high quality marine bilge hose, and Qwik-Lok fittings were used making the install painless.  Lincoln was able to replace the original valve for me with an updated one so not a drop of water is lost from the well until I want to drain it. All ready for Tweed Heads ABT drive through weigh in, as I can leave the fish in the livewell whilst driving and know that they will be healthy and bursting with energy.

Overall I’m thrilled with the final product. It wasn’t until I had a functional livewell that I truly realized how much time I spent trying to keep my fish alive, and how much stress it was causing me.  For all the time, effort and money you spent trying to catch a bag of 5 bream in a comp, to be at the weigh in wondering if your fish will be able to swim away is not a good feeling. Thankfully it’s not my major concern anymore. Now I just have to fill the well!

Flow-Rite stocks all the equipment you need and offer 20% off for current ABT customers – just quote your member number. You can view the catalogues here.

As they say at Flow-Rite, LONG LIVE FISH!

For Tracey, fishing is more than a hobby – it’s a huge part of life. Even though she would love to be on the water everyday, on weekdays you can find Tracey practicing Acupuncture on the Northern Gold Coast.  Ask any family member, friend, or client what makes Tracey tick, and the answer will be unanimous: Fishing!

It’s the adventure and discovery that goes along with catching fish that excites Tracey.  That sense of adventure that was uncovered at an early age, with many rugged camping trips, 4WDriving, hiking and canoeing with her father in search of highland Trout and wild Bass in the wilderness of North Western NSW.

In recent years Tracey has been involved in the Bream tournament circuit, which has provided the opportunity to hone skills in all aspects of fishing and boating. Most of all Tracey enjoys the ever-evolving challenge that is angler against fish and the environment, learning all the time and loving every cast

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