I had one of those epic moments of fail on the weekend and thought I might share.

I was doing another mission to Tallowa dam on the weekend but launched from the dam wall this time rather than up the back like last weekend. I was in search of the schools of Bass we hadn’t found the weekend before. We were looking last week but in the end our fish came from the edges rather than the deep. I had plenty of food and water with the intention of doing a full scale recon for the entire day.

So I set off up the shoalhaven river arm and probably did 2 or 3 kilometres without seeing much on the sounder. I slowly fished along the edges as well but my main focus was on the sounder. The dam looks like a Bass fisherman’s wet dream up that way and come summer I’ll be spending some serious time there but in the end turned around to start up the other way.

Same again, only this time I probably went 4 or 5 kilometres up. Again, amazing looking weed beds, snags, rocky edges… but no schooled fish and nothing off the edges. This took most of the day and while it wasn’t done at a sprinters pace it’s still a decent paddle. I turned around and started the way back on the other side, zig zaging from the shallow to the deep and back all the way along the paddle back. Still nothing to speak of.

Then I come to a spot where there are 4 shags fishing, which is usually a dead give away for fish schooled right under or close by. First cast, hook up and a dropped fish. A few casts later plastic gets eaten and up comes a small fish. The sounder is well lit up with fish by now.

The epic fail……… It was 20 metres from where I launched the kayak in the morning. I could have stood on the bank and caught these fish.

If you look closely you can see my car in the background 😉

So I want to know in the comments on Facebook if you’ve ever had a similar FAIL! moment.

2 responses to “FAIL!

  1. Yes Josh.The Tweed ABT bream qualifier, my first as a boater.
    I found fish schooled in deeper water adjacent to a nearby weedflat and rock wall less than1 km from the start. On the first day of the comp the flat didn’t fire and I thought I threw everything at them leaving the day with a big fat zero. Only mid way through the second day did I start throwing darker coloured plastics out of desparation did I start catching these bream. I ended up with four for the day.
    Having just written reports for my students I think I can grade my first day as a FAIL!!
    Great read.

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