Why did it have to get cold?

Winter is in full swing and fishing officially sucks! Josh’s pep talks are wearing off and the thought of soaking scent impregnated baits or hopping vibes resembles torture more than anything else. I’m in a slump and the fishing on the weekend reminded me of that.

The last 6 outings have resulted in less than a handful of fish, with more than a fair share of fishless sessions attributed to my name, I’m starting to think that I can’t crack this winter fishing thing.

Although I got to test the new Tournament Specialist Bream rods on the weekend, I couldn’t help but think I am in for a long winter. The freezing cold mornings leads to dexterity issues, the mind numbing “blading” sessions scare me and the thought of partaking in the “lucky dip” as Russell Babekuhl describes it makes me wonder why anyone would consider fishing in winter, let alone running a bream tournament.

The weekend of fishing resulted in several conclusions:

  1. I enjoy fishing in water depths where I could possibly stand if I wanted to i.e. 5ft or less
  2. I enjoy fishing in water temperatures where I could comfortably stand if I wanted to i.e. 23-24 degrees or higher
  3. I without a doubt subscribe to the “power fishing” philosophy

I have resigned to the fact that I may have to join in the “lucky dip” over the next few weekends. Throwing metal blades is something that I have been chipping away at and using scent impregnated soft baits is something that I used to do before I matured into fishing crank baits. Keeping my attention focused on small hops with blades in big expanses of water failed to challenge me and I wasn’t able to maintain my concentration.

My battle over the next few weeks is going to be staying focussed but also ensuring I don’t lose touch with my limited casting ability, because I know that I’ll be fishing boat hulls, snags and structure very soon.

Winter is necessary, it is needed to make me fully appreciate the rush of accurately casting into structure, hooking fish, extracting fish from hairy situations and doing it all under a baking hot sun. Bring on the longer days and warmer weather because winter fishing is no fun at all!

9 responses to “Why did it have to get cold?

  1. I’m with you Chris! Winter is a drag, even though I can catch fish deep, I hate it and what makes it even harder to take is that it took a Queenslander to teach me!

    • I refuse to go into hibernation but it’s looking pretty good at the moment, maybe you need to teach me!

      • Give me a call when you arrive in Port and we’ll give it a whirl. Although I fished yesterday and refused to fish deep! And low and behold I caught some fish. One 32cm fish that couldn’t resist a plastic and some on some deep divers on the edge of weed beds. But it was very slow going!

  2. Lately, I’m starting to understand for myself why everyone says fishing in winter is tough. At least I have one thing in common with the fish – we don’t like the cold!

    • There was a glimmer of hope for me yesterday, there was the slightest window for an edge bite and I grabbed it with both hands but I have to say, my casting has suffered from the past few months of casting at nothing. We spent too much time retrieving my lures from the structure we were fishing around!

  3. I had to go out and make up for my first comment about bait and catch a fish, so I went out and caught a 40cm bream in my Hobie on the weekend. Zx35 ecogear prawn. Its like a drug. It helps you get through the week knowing Iam surround by big bream down in East Gippsland. Also knowing I have so many great water ways to fish got to love it.

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