The Road to AGS: Final Dress Rehersal

It was a shock when I found out just how long it can take to bring a top end fishing rod or reel to market. So when it is the very pinnacle of technology for the time it takes even longer and can be a daunting task to keep to a release date. Especially when the back and forth process is between two countries and contains something very new like AGS.

The final step in the process is what I would call the “full dress rehearsal”. I was lucky enough to have a very end stage prototype to test a few months ago but at this stage they are naked. While the rod is the same it doesn’t have its costume on yet.

Let’s start with the names, “Nightrider” “Pursuit Special” and “Big Boppa”. If nothing else these are cool names and extra points go to whoever can tell me what they are in reference to on the Facebook page.

As for the aesthetics Daiwa has gone for much more understated than in the past which is a good thing in my books. This is the “Bentley Continental GTO in Onyx” of the fishing world. There is the obvious use of a little carbon fibre a la Branzino rods to match the carbon fibre  guides but the colour scheme is red and black which as I understand it will symbolise Daiwas premium products from now on. I have a penchant for Megabass rods in the past and while I still love them they did become a little over styled for my taste. It’s a personal thing and I’m sure there will be many who won’t share my sentiment but I think things by the time things become mainstream popular it is usually swinging back the other way at the cutting edge (I still look at the clothing and music video “over-glam” fashion happening at the moment and remember the late 80’s and I thinking the early 90’s grunge thing will make it’s return soon). Even if I’m wrong and the fashion of high end rods isn’t swinging back to conservative, this rods looks appeal to me.

So how does it go? Like I’ve stated in earlier articles on AGS  this rod is amazingly sensitive. Nothing has changed from the prototype I had. The (overused rod adjective warning) “crisp” feeling to the rod is the same and you’d be hard pressed to find a more sensitive rod, period. 

My best suggestion is if you’re interested in the AGS line of rods get to a tackle store and feel one in your hand for yourself.

One response to “The Road to AGS: Final Dress Rehersal

  1. I dont do facebook, but I think I will get the points for ‘Mad Max’ the original and best. Probably showing my age.

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