Sixth in Six

Sydney Harbour Winter Bream

While Greg, Chris and Bernard travelled north to Lake Macquarie for the ABT Bream Qualifier and Josh headed out on his own little adventure, I managed to get out on Sydney Harbour for the first time in 6 months and about my 6th outing this year.  Due to all my home repairs and renovations, I had conveniently stored all my fishing equipment in my boat, rods rigged and all – From when? I don’t know but all I needed to do was hitch my boat to my car and I was ready to hit the water.

Historically winter is not my favourite time of year to fish.  To be honest, I anticipated a slow winter bite and initially focused on honing my skills with vibration and blade type lures in 25+ ft of water.

After an hour had passed and only a couple of undersized fish, I couldn’t help but think about a conversation I had with Steve Morgan the week before when he told me he was going to Lake Macquarie to catch bream on stick minnow’s and crankbaits while most of the field would be fishing blades over cockle beds.

Dave Poulton’s recent video also came to mind of him catching bream on surface lures during the middle of winter at Port Macquarie.

So what did I do?  I picked up a crankbait and started hitting the usual summer haunts with instant results.  The fish weren’t huge but were enough to keep me interested for another couple of hours before I got off the water and hopefully, they will be there in size in a few weeks to put on a good show for the BETS Grand Final to be held at the Sydney International Boat Show in Darling Harbour.

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