Slow Rolling Crank Baits – part 3

It’s interesting how different people have differing opinions on the same types of lures.  Are silent lures good for finesse fishing when things are tough and rattles more effective to get a territorial reaction from fish?

There are particular baits that I find work best and I feel its based on two very important factors and surprisingly colour isn’t one of them, although I do tend to lean towards natural colours.  The two factors I believe to be important are sound and action.  This article will cover the importance of sound or rattle.

The Sound

Big Brass rattles… The benchmark for any small bream sized crankbait would have to be the Jackal Chubby.  It’s been around a while and has withstood the test of time and onslaught from several competitors (or almost), this little crankbait has a deep, loud rattle that is easily emitted and if you’re quiet, you can even hear it when retrieving the lure through the water.

The biggest competitor to the Chubby and best value for money lure on the market would have to be the Atomic Crank 38, if anyone has spoken to me or read any of my articles, you’ll know exactly how much I love this lure.  They emit a similar sound to the Chubby when retrieved and are outright more attainable to the entry level angler and even the tournament pro because of their great value.

The rattle acts like a dinner bell to fish as the sound travels a long way underwater.  Next time your mate casts a Chubby or Atomic Crank, put your head into the water (maybe wait till summer) and listen.  Without a doubt you’ll hear the rattle, now I don’t know why the fish hit such a foreign sound but they do.  Maybe it’s a reaction bite and a territorial nudge saying “get out of my space” but the fish certainly hit the lure.

Another theory I have is related to the sounds little bait fish make in distress.  Obviously it’s not as loud as a Chubby’s rattle but maybe it’s a similar frequency.  Could it be related to this sound, if you’ve ever caught a trevally, you’ll have heard the tell tale “blurt” that they make or even an undersize bream will often make a sound somewhere between a tick and a sucking noise.

2 responses to “Slow Rolling Crank Baits – part 3

  1. I look forward to your informative write up’s it helps alot. Flash looking lures catch fisherman quality rattles catch fish, I know Ive been caught pritty easy by a nice looking lure sometime’s its not that easy to catch the picky bream lol.

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