Lucky 7 with Scott Anderson of Nutterjuck Lures

This week in the Lucky 7, we interview Scott Anderson from Nutterjuck Lures.  A “Lure Junkie”, designer and maker of quality, minimalist, hand-made Australian Timber lures.  In fact, with a brand tagline of “Simple. Done well“, Nutterjuck lures won Lure of the Year at the Australian Lure Expo, this weekend just gone.


1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Scott Anderson, also known as Nutter on a few different fishing forums. Grew up in Figtree (Wollongong) NSW. Married a Figtree girl and lived there until 2002-4ish. Moved up to the north shore of Wollongong, Helensburgh. Did a couple of years overseas in Hong Kong than back too Helensburgh.

2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

Since moving back to Australia I’ve been the producer of Nutterjuck Lures. Nutterjuck started back in 2000 but stopped when the soft plastic craze took over Australia. While overseas my love for Hardbody lures was reignited, hence going back into production. What is Nutterjuck Lures??? In its simple terms, Australian made timber lures.  Our philosophy is to keep things simple. We have taken on the minimalist approach where less is more. In doing so we hope to achieve a lure that firstly catches fish and secondly is a lure that looks just as good on a shelf or in a display cabinet.

3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

I had a Dad who fished when we were on holidays, this changed as I got more into it and an Aunty, Uncle and Grandfather that also fished. From about three years of age, I’ve been fishing with my first fish being a Flathead. It was undersize by todays standards but that fish was on the table that night and I became ONE with the fish.

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

Got two if thats ok.

First being a Marlin off the rocks back in the days when not many were caught. That changed around the same time I got mine. No matter what people say a lot of hard work goes into getting a Marlin off the rocks.

Second, while living in Hong Kong I caught one of the biggest Sea Bass of that year. It was a cracker over the 100cm mark… that is a real trophy size. Come to think of it if you have been fishing for over 35yrs there are heaps of memories. Sailfish on fly, Bass electric comps, Bream comps. Tarpon, Large Mouth Bass, etc,etc

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Making lures and fishing them. As my children get older and into a great age to really start fishing, then a lot of time will be spent doing what I love and hopefully with them.

Lures, well the dream would be to crack the Japanese market. Get some Australian lures over there. I can see a push in Australia for the Australian Lure manufactures to step up and take the imports on. We are (Australia) producing some of the best lures going around but just need a few tweaks.

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”? 

Both involve fishing the rocks .Its a funny one, a hardbody timber lure maker still loves his fly fishing.

Number one is a 20kg plus Yellowtail King from the rocks on fly gear.

The second is a Yellowfin Tuna off the rocks on 8kg line. Been trying for this one for many moons. Got them out of a boat on 8kg but its the rocks is the one I want.

7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

In no order but most are local guys and girl or ex Wollongong sportfishing club members, Yes Im a member. Fishing wise- Chris Cleaver, Greg Clarke, Scott and Vicki Lear and Scott Mitchell. These anglers are so versatile in there fishing. One day they may be catching Marlin and the very next day winning a Bream comp. They could be out fishing with bait than one hour later using a fly rod.

Lures, another local guy by the name of Denis Brown (also a very good fisherman) is producing some of the best stickbaits going around the world and the worst part is none are for sale.  So its very unlikely you will get your hands on any. Check out 360 Tuna for his lures. Another Australian lure manufacture that is pushing the boundaries is Peter Walker of Twitchy lures. He has been very helpful in getting Nutterjuck back up and running. He wouldn’t know this but he has been.

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