New Wheels!

I have previously mentioned here that I was looking to purchase a new house, which I have and will be moving into very soon.  It quite easily ticks most of the boxes on the must/must not checklist for both Lauren and myself, except one.  Will the garage easily fit the boat? The answer simply is no – BUT – with a little work removing a couple of walls and some very handy tools I will be able to fit the boat into the garage.

These very handy tools I speak of are called GoJaks and I have just placed an order for two sets.  Basically they are a set of dollys which easily jack up each wheel of a car or in my case my boat trailer.  It will allow me to easily maneuver my trailer in any desired direction which will need to go sideways into position once in my new garage.

I have owned a cheap set of these before but learnt the hard way that you get what you pay for.  This time, I’m not going to muck around with the cheaper versions and will be buying the 6200 series GoJak.  Yes they are a more expensive but after close inspection of the units at the distributor’s factory earlier this week it is clear why these are superior.  Unlike the cheaper versions, the GoJaks operate using a ratchet system not a hydraulic ram that can (and have) leak down.  They have steel rollers not plastic that are prone to breaking and was actually what failed on my previous set, they have a load capacity of approximately 700kg per unit and have larger 4 and 5 inch castors for easy maneuverability.

For more information you can go to or or check back to in the future for further reviews.

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