Cranka Crab (video footage courtesy of Mark Healy)

Cranka’s Crab lure has just been released this week at the AFTA trade show.  At 18mm, this extremely realistic, sinking crab imitation,appears to have attracted the attention of punters at the show and on internet forums and social media sights alike.

Stay tuned for a Lure Junkie review, but in the meantime, courtesy of Mark Healy, you can check out the first footage of the lure in action here…

12 responses to “Cranka Crab (video footage courtesy of Mark Healy)

  1. I must say it does look like it would be a deadly lure in places like Sydney Harbour. I’ll be taking a few of the weights out though as it sinks like a rock in that tank.

  2. I cant wait to try them down East Gippsland spider crab is good for thumping bream, so a lure like that is well worth a crack.

  3. When are you going to announce the colours… and what time next year the crabs are going to be available. Seems like the award was a premature.I noticed in the video the claws just dragged over the rocks!

    • Hi Jon, Sorry fo the delay on Crab delivery… unfortunately we were ill advised in the design phase of our crabs developement and were told that some components could be manufacturer in a certain way only to find out upon the completion of all tooling that they could in fact not be produced in this way… This forced us to a re-think / re-design / re-tool some components… hence the delays in delivery of stock. These manufacturing problems were unforseen by CRANKA management prior to our AFTA product release….After a great deal of effort and time… we are happy to report that all production issues have now been sorted and production is back in the hands of our manufacturers. We still do not have a firm delivery date for you at this time but we do expect delivery of stock early in the new year. Again we are sorry for these unexpected delays but unique products like our New CRAB are not easy products to create and sometimes things just dont go to plan… thats life I guess!… We will be sure to let everyone know as soon as stock is here!…Regards Steve Steer, Managing Director / Founder CRANKA

    • Jon,
      most guys know that the claws featured in this vid weren’t the production claws. These ones are normal plastic and do not float. The production claws are a different material and will float the hooks….

      • Cam… you must be part of the production team! to make the assumption that everyone would know the display crab was not the actual product for production.Thanks for your reply Steve.

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