Fishing rods are my weakness! …Well, what about the reels?

I’ve been writing this series of blogs since the very beginning of  I’m fortunate that Brad at Daiwa helps to satisfy this unnatural fascination by letting me play with all the new toys before they hit the shelves.

There’s a whole bunch of new fishing rods from Daiwa about to hit the market over the next couple of months.  Tournament Specialist Bream, Team Daiwa X and Generation Black. Chris and I have been using the “TNSB” rods for a while now and they are everything they’ve been hyped up to be.

Daiwa also has a rich history producing some awesome high end reels.  Exist, Steez and Certate are all innovative examples from the Daiwa Stable.  Boasting Real Four technology, Digigear, ABS and Airbail.  More recently, Daiwa pioneered the ground breaking combination of Magseal, Zaion and Air Rotor initially used in the Certate and Exist.

Well, now there’s a whole bunch of new Daiwa reels on the way too.  In December to be precise, we’ll see the release of just two of these – the new TD Sol II and Luvias! As has become their policy, Daiwa has introduced the high end technology of the Exist and Certate into these new reincarnations of two already popular spinning reels.

Luvias is one of the more popular performance spinning reels ever produced by Daiwa. In fact I still own and use four of the original silver models.  After the service they’ve provided me, they still perform seamlessly, albeit with countless battle scars from the years of use. The new models will boast Zaion Air spool, Zaion body and the Magseal technology that prevents dust and water ingress and improves longevity of the reel.  Even more exciting for all you Bream anglers out there, the new reels will ship with finesse spools in the 2004, 2506 and 3012 models.

You can check out a video here

TD Sol II is the latest reincarnation of the ever popular, mid-priced orange spinning reel.  Also boasting Magseal and a Zaion Air Rotor, they will be produced in a finesse 2004 a 2508 and 3000 & 4000 models. As with the Luvias, I still use one of the original Sol 2000 reels almost 5 years after I originally purchased it.

You can check out a Video here

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