Road to the Hobie Worlds: The gear (oh my God, the gear)

As many of you have seen the second Hobie Worlds has been announced lately. It’s going to be held in a similar way to last years in that it will be a three day event held on two different lakes., Bastrop and Fayettevile in Texas.

Well the research is well underway and it looks like one of the hardest parts will be taking all the hardware I may need. It’s inevitable that you take way too much when you go anywhere but the real point is that nothing is worse than getting somewhere and thinking “why didn’t I bring that rod” or “I so could have used that lure” and from the research so far both of these lakes sound like kitchen sink jobs. Meaning that there tend to be a lot of different methods used to catch fish.

Even some that are not really associated with US Bass fishing and will be right up the alley of the Aussie contingent. Bastrop in particular tends to have a schooling fish bite near the warm water outflow areas and the fish are well known to eat rather small shad (baitfish) and get quite particular about the size a lure has to be a lot like Australian Salmon do. The end result is “micro flukes” being something that can be a big thing. A micro fluke is basically a cut down 3″ or a 2″ Bass Minnow which is definitely something most Aussie Bream anglers will have thrown at some point.This is just one possibility. Add that to all the stuff requiring heavy gear and the list starts to grow

What this is all getting to is that I’m probably going to take a bunch of gear. The good news. Take one Nature Boys Rod Case and you can probably fit ten of the kind of rods I’ll be taking they’re made for the Jigging/Popping crew. As a quick side note these cases are unbelievable, I’ve seen Brad Sissens fill one with very expensive rods and then stand on it and bounce a little to show their strength. I winced a little and my balls kind of shrank up in horror…. but thats another story…. the rods were fine.

It’s all well and good to take a quiver of rods there but I’ll probably keep to the same three or four workhorse rods that will cover most situation and have the cheesy use specific rods there in case it’s a 2lb straight through bite (not likely, although now that I think of it I might try that in the prefish just to be silly)

Baitcast and spin gear with have their place in my Hobie and when it comes to the overhead stuff I don’t think I could go past my 6’6″ TM-Z Interline. This rod was my very first purchase when I started working at Daiwa and is hands down the best baitcast rod I’ve ever owned.

It may be considered “light” for the USA  but that’s OK because I also managed to acquire his shorter, stronger brother the 6′ medium heavy TM-X version which I’ve also come to adore using it for Yellowbelly and Cod lately. Whilst I’m on the Interline track the Medium Light 7’6″ spin version will get a run as well and to round out the core 4 rods I imagine I’ll use most will have to be thrown in for my pure love for bling, although I haven’t really put it through it’s paces yet, the Tournament AGS “Pursuit Special”. I imagine catching a ton of Largemouth will surely be a way to put it through it’s paces.

My trusty TM-Z has been with me a while. This pic appeared in on e of the first posts on

As far as reels go I’d like to tool up with a few T3’s as they will be good if it comes to flipping and pitching and with the T-Wing and by then the new Luvias should be out. I saw one in the flesh a few weeks ago and dead set think it’s one of the best looking reels to come around in a while (there’s my gear enthusiast side again….. it’s pretty, so I want it. Simon Goldsmith eat your heart out 😉 )

That enthusiast side has already made this 700 words so I guess I’ll start on the lures I’m taking next week.

4 responses to “Road to the Hobie Worlds: The gear (oh my God, the gear)

  1. glad to hear you will be coming over for the tournament Josh. It will be good to hang out with you and the rest of the crew.

    Im also in the process of acquiring some gear for the trip. Bass fishing is something I do when I can’t fish inshore, its not something I feel entirely comfortable with but will be giving it my best shot.

    I am considering picking up a couple baitcasting reels and have pretty much settled with getting a lexa, a zillion, and a t3 ballistic.

  2. Well done mate Id love to go over and catch a large mouth, good luck. With going over is it pay your own way or does the ABT or Hobie pay???

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