The Trifecta

The Trifecta, the big three, no matter what I call it, I’m pretty damn excited.  Josh set a bold goal at the start of this year, to qualify for the Hobie World Championships in the US but I also set myself a goal to qualify for the ABT Grand Final and Hobie Grand Final and got a invitation to the Classic as a bonus.

I figured that each of these goals would be pretty hard task.  As much as I love fishing from the Hobie, the guys who fish the Kayak tournaments are seasoned anglers, used to the unique challenges that they provide who had previously accounted for my feeble attempts at doing well from a Kayak.

Qualifying for the ABT grand finals is a massive mountain to climb.  The ABT qualifiers are very competitive and feature the best anglers in the country.  Finishing near the top is something that can’t be understated, where relying on a team mate or a good result from a single day just won’t cut it.  An addition to this years’ qualification system involves the AOY points that are accrued, I think this is a great system (not only because I qualified through this method) as it rewards consistency and ability to fish multiple waterways.

The Hobie goal was reached pretty early on in the year but the challenge to qualify for the ABT grand final took all the way to the last round at Bribie Island plus a few declines for me to qualify.  I actually feel like I had a very ordinary year, I’m yet to catch a limit in a qualifier this year but I’m hoping that that’ll change at the GFs.

The Classic Championship qualification wasn’t a goal at the start of the year but something that I only agreed to fish because I’m already making the trip to Queensland for the ABT Qualifier, Classics are a great place to start tournament fishing or stepping up into the Boater division of the ABT qualifiers but with a plethora of tournaments available, money continues to be the barrier and therefore my focus continues to be on the Hobie and ABT Qualfiers.

The invitations have arrived and I’m pretty happy, three weekends in a row and almost 4000kms.  I might not be as lucky as Josh to get the Worlds qualification but its one set of goals achieved.  The next few weeks will be busy away from fishing but my plan is to enjoy the last few events of the year.

5 responses to “The Trifecta

  1. Well done! I’m looking forward to the ABT Grand Finals too! Wasn’t on my target list for the year, but won’t let the opportunity pass me by either.

    • The only problem is, it’s over before you know it. I’d make plans to stick around to be an observer on the Sunday, you’ll learn heaps!

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