Lucky 7 with Greg Reid from Bay and Basin Sportfishing

This week, Greg Reid from Bay and Basin Sportfishing answers the Lucky 7 questions. 

What’s your name and where are you from

Greg Reid. I live in Jervis Bay on the beautiful south coast of NSW.

What part do you play in the fishing community today?

I am a marine service provider and fishing guide. Mainly I provide services as a professional skipper, fishing guide and instructor, safe boating course provider, writer for NSW Fishing Monthly and ET, and have generally tried to avoid a day job for most of my working life. My main business is Bay and Basin Sportfishing which sees me spend around 200 days a year on the water with clients, mainly on Jervis Bay, St George’s Basin, and the Shoalhaven River. We have a boat and a small fleet of Hobie kayaks and specialise in light tackle sportfishing, teaching people the art of deceiving fish into eating a bit of metal or plastic, although the kingfish prefer live baits most of the time. is a member of the Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association (PFIGA)

What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

My earliest fishing memory is that of a three year old hooking my grandfather in the ear trying to cast off the wharf in Forster where we used to holiday. My grandfather and father were my earliest influences.

What is your greatest fishing memory?

There’s just too many! That’s the greatest thing about the fishing lifestyle. If I had to nail down one major moment then I would have to say it was a marlin of around 150kg that IFISH’s Paul Worstling and I caught from a 9ft blow up rubber boat off the Banks from Jervis Bay in February of this year. PW was the angler, and I drove the boat with a 54 lb electic motor which came in handy when the fish headed towards some fish traps, missing them by less than 50m. Getting that close to a billfish at water level was an amazing experience. It towed us for around 2hrs 20 min and 4 nautical miles. We finished up around 8 nautical miles to sea. The game fishing purists will be horrified but who cares! It was an amazing experience. Don’t try that one kids, we had a full support crew and safety was paramount.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My two young grommets will be nappy free! Then I can pile them up in the tinny and we can fish and surf and free dive together. I’d also like to do an “Andrew Urban” style show based on the fishing lifestyle, and more writing and photography about this amazing country called Australia. That’s if the pollies don’t lock us out and the super trawler doesn’t suck the life out of our precious marine resources.

What’s top of the “bucket list”?

Rowley Shoals WA., Montebello’s, Camden Sound.

Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

Anyone who has integrity, humility, and doesn’t think they should be a sponsored angler because they came 27th in a bream tournament once. Steve Williamson for his mentoring as one of Australia’s longest serving fishing guides and his tireless work as the president of PFIGA. Jim Harnwell, Tony Zahn, Rex Hunt , Starlo, Bushy, Stuie Hinson, Jack Dart, Ray Smith,  Craig McGill, Pat Brennan, Rob Paxevanos, Paul Worstling, Dave Buttfield, Michael Guest, Aku Vaulta, Andy McGovern, Dave Hodge, Ian “The Big E” Phillips (I actually look down on him because he’s short!),John Bell, Kieren Reiky, Melanie and Todd Young, the gun anglers in the Basin Lure and Fly Club, and anyone else that has helped me achieve the dream of fishing for a living.

Special mention to all the fishcare volunteers and anyone who understands the simple principle of only taking what you need for a feed and putting the big one’s back to breed another day if you can. Cheers.


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