Planning my return to the water

I haven’t been fishing much this year, renovations, buying and selling our house as well as the birth of a new baby which is overdue as I write this (edit: Siena was born last night), have all been contributing reasons to my sheer lack of fishing.  I have spent a lot of time reading tournament reports, fishing reports and stories about fishing, so to say I’m motivated to get out there and wet a line is an understatement.
My ideas of fishing over the last 7 or 8 months may have shifted though.  After a taste of Tallowa Dam with Vicki Lear as well as Greg and Darryl from Bay and Basin Sportsfishing earlier this year, I have an increasing curiousity to chase some Bass as the weather warms or to head into some streams out to the west of Sydney to find some Trout which Josh was chasing last year. Right now these serene environments are really appealing so much more than the hustle and bustle of places like Sydney Harbour.

Despite the desire to go chase some Bass or Trout, my number one goal for this spring/summer is to get out and spend some time on the water with my son Luca.  Luca is at the very curious age of two but I think he has a fair understanding of my love to fish.  He is continously talking about “daddy’s boat” or “daddy’s fish” or playing with the “crankbaits” which I have taken the trebles off and given him.  He even has a bath toy which is a boat with a fishing rod attached to it which he says is “like daddy’s”.

With our impending baby (edit: recent baby), Lauren and I have talked about how this may be a good opportunity for Luca and I to spend some time together, getting out on the water while giving Lauren a break from two children for a couple of hours.  I know that it won’t be seven hours of fishing on the water, maybe more like 7 minutes fishing but I’m pretty sure he’ll also be happy idling around looking at boats and birds even if we don’t go further than 200 metres from the boat ramp.  Other fathers out there may be able to set me straight here as to how realistic my ideas are. He loves the water and swimming, always points out boats and probably like most 2 year old children, loves to point out and chase birds.  Throw into the mix that Luca can be a bit of a dare devil at  times I think he’ll enjoy getting out on the water with me – I can only hope.

5 responses to “Planning my return to the water

  1. Congrats Ian, however my daughter Sienna in her infinite 2nd grade wisdom says you spelt it wrong.

    My 3yr old son loves going in the boat- just remember as you said, they don’t care if it’s 200m from the ramp – they are out in Daddys boat. Take snacks and things to do, they get bored fishing. Hard to believe I know, but you have like a 30min window before another activity is needed: catching fish or no fish. Most of the time my little man just wants to go fast and put his head above the windscreen. Not that theres anything wrong with that 🙂

    Also: Where did you get that little bass boat and truck toy. It’s kick ass. My…um…son… wants to get one.

  2. I fish with my 4 year old a bit, he loves it but as expected the attention span runs short and he loses a bit of interest after the snacks run out. My advice is don’t necessarily chase small numbers of large fish, chase large numbers of small fish, the most fun we have had in the boat wasn’t the 30 minutes down one bank chasing a bream, it was the 90 minutes of sitting on a school of chopper tailor catching a fish a cast. I’m sure he will love it out on the water.

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