Lucky 7 with Mick Horn

Mick Horn takes our Lucky 7 interview today.  Mick is arguably “The Guy” when it comes to targetting Jacks on lures.  He shares some of his insights into the fishing industry with us here

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Mick Horn and I’m a 38 year old Signwriter/Graphic designer ….I was born in Brisvegas and lived there all my childhood and schooling and moved to the Gold Coast when I was around 20 and years on I’m still here and loving it

2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

At the moment I call it “Free Fishing” it’s just about being myself and getting on the water a lot with no pressure and enjoying all aspects about fishing. Whilst doing this I’m constantly out there using and testing new products for my sponsors whilst giving feedback and helping promote all their great products through social media and press I also do a small amount of writing and designing media and apparel for them as I owe a lot to them for their support over the years 

3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

My dad was a big influence on me and started me fishing at a very young age ….I remember plenty of cold nights fishing for bream up the jumpinpin or on the beach chasing tailor. I owe a lot of the excitement and passion for my fishing to my dad and now I’m a dad I want to do the same for my children, there’s nothing better than watching my kids learn and get pumped about catching fish and fishing …I look back now and even as a kid if I wasn’t out with my dad I used to get down the local creek and water holes with my mates to catch yabbies using a stick and piece of meat on a string or digging up the oldies garden getting earthworms to try to catch eels and perch in my local water hole in Acacia Ridge ….good old times and fond memories with some of my mates who I still fish with today 

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

My First Mangrove Jack on a lure would be right up there, I still remember it was trolled up at the highway bridge in the Coomera and I still have the lure, was a gold predatek. For years I looked at mags and fantasised how good it would be to catch a mangrove jack on a lure, it was a long time ago and started an obsession with them and over the 20 years since then no matter how many I’ve caught or size of them, each one that comes to the boat I still get pumped as I just love them and their look and persona …Probably my most recent memorable capture would be my PB surface mangrove jack of 60cm on a Lucky Craft G Splash 80mm Popper, Not only do I love Jacks but surface strikes from them is something else …But my most memorable would be my tournament win in the Clarence River Super Series in a 70 + boat field, the win came down to the last day in top 10 shoot out with no fish in the well with only a hour or so to go and the mind games playing but stuck to it and managed to bag a few fish from one boat and the confidence flowed on to catch several more to get my bag and take out my biggest win and another win in a ABT event 

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I spent quite a few years in the tournament scene but currently taking a break from it and one day my competitive nature will see me back there I’ m sure. I would also like to get more involved in filming and getting behind the camera to share some of my experiences and knowledge to help out the youngsters and anyone interested. As I do a few seminars each year I get a bit of a buzz from keen anglers who come along to learn and their passion for the sport and it’s motivation for me to continue learning and sharing it, so continue doing that. 

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”?

As I have a fascination with mangrove jacks I would love to travel to New Guinea to chase its bigger brother the “The New Guinea Black Bass” I’ve watched many vids on them and would love to go up and take one on to experience their sheer power and aggression and it would be pretty cool to get one on surface as well  

7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

Definitely it’s my sponsors, these companies believe in guys like me and have helped and supported me over the years …The Todd family and Trent Short  (E J Todd), Gareth Williams and Justin Wilmer (Tackle Tactics) and Bradley Sissons (Diawa) have supported me and many others and created opportunities that otherwise never would have happened so for me they should be recognised for their help and generosity  …Tackle Shops all around Australia also deserve a wrap as each and every one of us love going in and talking about recent catches and finding out what’s biting and where while getting the latest and greatest stuff ….so support should go to them by spending your dollars here in Australia ..On personal level we have so many great anglers around the country that the list would be too long to mention … but my mates whether they be in the spotlight or not is what it’s all about …Guys like Trent Short and Ben Godfrey to mention a couple which are both up there as great anglers here in Australia are guys I regularly fish with and we learn and gel off each other so being on the water with them with the pisstaking and shenanigans is what fishing’s all about,  getting out the water and having fun and fishing

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