Lucky 7 with Cam Whittam

Double the love today, you get a video and a cracker interview with Cam Whittam.

Cam is one of the “good guys” when it comes to fishing.’s first encounter with Cam was in Tassie, where he took Greg and Chris under his wing and taught them a thing or two about Black Bream.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Cameron Whittam. I live and run a small plumbing business in New Gisborne, which is 60km NW of Melbourne

2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

My involvement today is mostly fishing bream tournaments. I fish both individual events and teams events with my fishing partner, AFC angler Warren Carter. I co presented the first series of YouFish TV and plan to do the odd article or two when the time is right.

3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

Ok, here comes the cliche. Difference here being that both parents loved fishing, not just my dad. They often tell the story of me being with them in the boat at Mallacoota when I was 4 months old as they had a cracker session on big silver trevally. My parents were active members of the angling club community in Melbourne for many years. It was only natural that I should follow in their footsteps and become a fisherman. Literally my earliest memory is going fishing with my dad for my 3rd birthday at the Lerdederg River in Bacchus Marsh here in Victoria. We caught a few small redfin that day and I actually still have the image of them laying on the bank ready for the fry pan in my mind.  

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

I have many, but two stand out. Funny enough neither involve big fish. First is fishing the local stream for brown trout. It was only about 1.5km from home and I would often ride my bike there by myself. Fishing bag and 2 piece rod over my shoulder I would quite often catch a cricket score of brownies. I also spent many hours at this stream as a young teenager watching and photographing spawning trout which were up to 10 pounds as they headed upstream from the local water supply.

Second is winning the 2001 Vic Fly Fishing championship (trout) in my first ever tournament. I was one of 108 anglers to compete and hadn’t contemplated winning as the field comprised of guys that I could only ever hope to be as talented as.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Not really sure to be honest. Ideally I will have put my plumbers tools away and be making some sort of living in the boating/fishing game. On the fishing front I reckon it will still involve bream, although anything I can sight fish will play its part in my fishing effort.

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”?

Easy, Black and spot tail bass for pure power and wilderness experience. The other would be trout fishing in Russia or Argentina.

7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

You guessed it, my dad. Without him I might be collecting stamps. “Flathead Fred” Bayes taught me a hell of a lot of stuff when I started fishing plastics with him in 1991. Fred was one of the pioneers of plastics fishing when vibro tails and mister twisters were new.     John Rumpf and John Waters from my fly fishing/casting days spring to mind. Steve Morgan for his vision of tournament fishing, Steve Steer for his passion and innovation, and Chris Wright for the way his happy go lucky demeanour never changes irrespective of his tournament result. Finally, I respect all anglers that have a passion for fishing, not stickers.

9 responses to “Lucky 7 with Cam Whittam

  1. I think this could be the first time Bacchus Marsh is ever mention on lure and fly. Only ever had the chance to meet and chat to Cam once… Lure ad fly guys don’t lie. Was a gentlemen and a great bloke to boot.

    • Yeah have to agree with you Toby, Cam is one of the more knowledgeable guys that is just more than willing to help anyone he can. Always suggesting places to fish and lures to use. He is never short of a word either.
      And hopefully the last time BM gets mentioned 😉

  2. Great read – sounds like your were born to fish but yet have fished since you were born. Nevertheless, you haven’t lost your passion for fishing! I’m sure that I am indebted to you for some of the fishing knowledge I’ve gleaned through Warren – thanks!

  3. I was lucky enough to get Cam as a boater in my first comp and he was a true gentlemen. The fishing was tough that day but I could swear he got every fish that was in casting distance of the boat it was amazing to watch.

  4. Great read guys – Cam is someone that I always turn to for advice, both on and off the water.
    And is a true ambassador for our sport and a bloody great bloke…….

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