How deep is deep?

Slow rolling a Smith Camion Dredge in 3.5m of water will catch all sorts of things…

Well, when it comes to targeting bream on crank baits, most would say th 1.5 to 2 meter mark.  The last couple of seasons I’ve spent a bit of time experimenting with a few crankbaits that get a bit deeper than that.

Targeting deep structure in the 3-4 meter range, deep flats, reefs and cockle beds, as well as moorings and pylons in that depth. I’ve had some quite successful trips slow rolling crankbaits in these depths as an alternative to a soft plastic or vibration bait presentation.  In fact, at St Georges basin this year, my two biggest fish came out of 3.5m of water, slow rolling my favourite deep water crankbait of the moment, the Smith Camion Dredge.

These lures have a great action, and when retrofitted with ultralight trebles they are deadly!  As I’ve said, I’ve found the best technique is to slow roll them, and when I say slow, I mean really slow.  Fished on 3lb fluoro on a regular action rod. When fished in this manner, they dive to about 3m, which effectively targets that depth range.

In the video below, I think I managed a limit off the bridges in the space of 15 casts.

Given our unashamed affection for the Atomic Crank 38D, I’m very interested to check out the new Crank 38DD. Although it is touted to only dive to 1.8m, given its pedigree, I’m sure it will become another versatile addition to my tackle box.

hmmm, Atomic Crank 38DD in my favourite colour, GGB

Check out this review by Grayson Fong late last week.  According to Grayson, the larger bib allows the lure to dive deeper than the 38D, but it also reduces snagging by his so-called “bumper bar effect” as it bumps over obstacles and snags.

Can’t wait to check them out!

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