Bucket List – Trout

I thought I’d add in another “series” of pieces that we write, this will be less regular but probably more significant in showing our growth as anglers.

Being able to experience new species is something that we are fortunate with, we have great mentors in Josh, Brad Sissins and Scott and Vicki Lear (to name a few) and can get out with people with experience, to learn a few things about new species.  This weekend saw us driving a couple of hours out of Sydney to have a crack at the trout on the opening weekend of the season.

Let me clarify, trout were not on my bucket list but the title of this piece better sums up our new experiences with species.  Although they weren’t on my bucket list, I certainly want to get out there and have another crack at them (prerequisite of being a Seeto: MUST have addictive personality).

I was keen for a fish before I embark on a relatively stressful few weeks and the thought of driving 2 hours to have to walk (that’s what they invented the internal combustion engine and mirage drive system), was not at all appealing but the desire to fish outweighed my reluctance.

I’m glad I went.  After walking for a few hours, casting at pools, rapids, rocks, overhanging trees and branches, I finally hooked my first trout.  It ended up being a team effort as I ended up mid-thigh deep in water, trying to turn a fish and land it into the current.  After being taken around a rock and under a submerged tree, I thought I was done but Josh’s heroic plunge into the water, his extra reach and understanding of how fluorocarbon and rocks don’t go well together, was able to buy me precious time and redirect my line enough to reset myself on top of a rock to land my first trout.

At an estimated 3 pounds, it was a good start for the stream we were fishing and then to back it up with another decent one with the last cast of the day made the arduous walk back to the car a little less tiring.

What I came away with:

  1. I am unfit
  2. Take short rods (6ft, regular action)
  3. Fish fluorocarbon (less pulled hooks, better abrasion resistance)
  4. Take a few Small shad or minnow style lures (we caught them on a combination of Ecogear SX40s and Daiwa Yogiris)
  5. Go with friends (it helps when they can help land your first Trout but we saw a few snakes and it’s good to have a chat too)
  6. Take a small camera (unless you’re a Seeto, then you need 2 DSLRs, a handful of lenses, tripods, wireless microphones, receivers and monitoring headphones, Go Pros, viewfinder loupes etc)
  7. Pack some easy to access food and water
  8. Start early in the morning, so you don’t have to reluctantly end the day (we could have kept walking)
  9. Tell someone where you are going (just in case!)

5 responses to “Bucket List – Trout

  1. Hey Chris,
    Is this the same spot Josh went last season?? Been wanting to try it but a little reluctant as my mates are inexperienced! It looks hard to get to!

    • Hi Bob,
      The same spot as last year. We had to make a judgement call about the level of water and heading to areas we thought would hold more water but we were able to access decent water.

      It was a pretty tough slog but access to parts wasn’t too bad. I would definitely consider the fitness of your mates though.


  2. Did you have to cross any private properties? or did you guys stick to the river? I don’t want to be pi$%ing anyone off.How long did you guys walk for?? Just got myself a 2000 DA Luvias and Daiwa Primegate can’t wait!

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