and then there were five! turns two later this month, and in what is arguably our biggest news item in that time, we’d like to announce that we are no longer just “three brothers and a ring in”.

We are now 3 brothers and two ring ins, or quite possibly it could be read as “Josh and Vicki and three ring in brothers”!

Yes, you just read right. Vicki Lear is joining the family!

We’re certain that she doesn’t know what she’s in for yet, but seeing as she agreed, we’re making the most of what she will bring to the group. As many of you already know Vicki is a master of many fishing styles, from land based game and freshwater impoundment fishing to estuary and offshore sports fishing. She’s always experimenting with new ideas and techniques and passionate about sharing her knowledge – so, stay tuned for plenty more from Vicki!

3 responses to “and then there were five!

  1. Get to see the top female angler in the country getting the exposure she deserves, good work to all involed at lure and fly always a great read

  2. Congratulations on the ever expanding family. Looking forward to more good stuff to come from everyone at lureandfly

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