Old school…

A few weeks ago I embarked on my first Blackfish sortie with Justin and Josh.  A successful trip, relaxing and inspiring.  The first time I’d fished with bait in, well, like forever…

We caught ourselves a handful of fish, and I got the bug.

Last week I’d planned to go fishing with my accountant, Greg.  Always a good day out, and a small price to pay to ensure I get the best taxation advice (just kidding Greg). I’d considered heading back to the Cox’s River because Greg’s keen on his Trout fishing, but considering we’d only just been there and fished it pretty hard only two days before, I suggested he should take me to his Blackfishing haunts and teach me a thing or two about the art as he knows it.

You see Greg is an “Old School” Blackfisherman. He was taught by his dad from the age of about 12, spending countless hours on the rocks at Garie Beach whilst on vacation with his family. They had one of the old squatters shacks on the hill, and Greg’s father loved his blackfishing after being taught by an old timer that he worked with.

Greg brought all of his well used and much loved gear.  Old Daiwa rods and Shakespeare centrepin reels.  His floats were worn and battle scared, and reels spooled with cord line that we “vaselined” to increase its buoyancy on the surface of the water.

After a lesson in rigging the tackle and fixing the cabbage weed to the hooks, we spent a sensational day on the rocks.  Not so many fish, but another example of the perfect spring weather that Sydney is turning on at the moment (except today).

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