is coming to an end……..

…of it’s push to raise $5000 this year for the Cancer Council (we had you going for a second there didn’t we)

With some massive help from both Daiwa and Hobie I would imagine we will easily make and surpass that. The story so far is that the four of us have donated 25% of any monies won plus we added to that figure with a charity auction to shave my beautiful, lustrous, hyper-masculine beard that the Seeto brothers were just getting too jealous of, at the BREAM Megabucks this year to bring us to our current total of $2700.

We are proud to announce that will be doing an Ebay auction of a new Hobie Mirage Outback kayak and five Daiwa rod and reel combos that will be used during this coming BREAM Grand Final season. Steve Morgan, Kris Hickson, Greg Seeto, Chris Seeto and myself will use this gear during the kayak, teams and individual grand final and the winning bidder will get the stuff that was used.

Imagine owning the rod and reel Morgo used to win the Grand Final! The best part is that every cent from the Ebay auction will go directly to the Cancer Council. The Auction will be a 14 day one that starts at the beginning of the BREAM Grand Final and finishes at the end of the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Series Grand Final.

So keep and eye out for the exact specs of what the Daiwa rod and reel combos are and the details of the Hobie Mirage Outback that will be up for grabs. Again, we can’t thank Daiwa and Hobie enough for their unbelievable generosity .

4 responses to “ is coming to an end……..

  1. I dont know if I would be that interested in morgo’s rod and reel as it prob would have had a bit of a workout – drag almost worn out. But imagine Josh’s and Chris’ gear – almost new. Drag hardly used 🙂
    Just Joshing 😉 . Good work with the fundraising with the cancer council,
    will definately put in a few bids
    Chris H

  2. Well done, Daiwa and Hobie it is a great charity and your efforts will help alot of people. Lets hope one of the five can win the grand final.

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