GoJaks Have Arrived

For the last 5 or so years now I have had my boat in storage.  For 3 of those 5 years it was stored a short 40 minutes from my house and more recently it has been stored 20 minutes away.  As you may be able to imagine there has been no such thing as a quick morning or afternoon fish.  Fishing a tournament on my local Sydney Harbour would mean a 4:30am start to go pick up my boat and by the time I had returned it to its storage location and cleaned up I wouldn’t return home until about 6:00pm or later.

Next week I will hopefully bring my boat home and roll her into place with my newly purchased 6200 Series GoJaks (I have previously written about them here), to live under the same roof as me.  The garage work that I have been doing is almost complete (I am literally waiting on the floor and driveway paint to dry).  Check back next week for some photos of garage work that took place which will allow me to bring my boat home.

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