One Piece, Two Piece…

I’ve had the privilege of using many of the latest and greatest Daiwa rods over the last 2 years, fortunate just doesn’t cut how I feel about this opportunity.  I’ve used entry level or beginner rods, right through to the technologically advanced AGS rods and I’ll be honest, there can be a considerable difference between them.

I love a regular actioned rod, if I can feel the blank squirming under the reel seat, it means that I’m using the whole rod.  Rod action has an immense influence on the outcome of fighting a fish and is more important than just picking up the closest 7ft extra fast 1-3kg or 2-4 kg rod.  Just as much thought must go into selecting rods as you do when selecting lures.

As the 2012 bream tournament season draws to a close and the impending release of heaps and heaps of Daiwa goodies, I have been considering the demands on non-boaters or co-anglers within the bream series as I prepare to travel up and down the east coast of Australia to compete in the various Grand Finals.  As a non-boater, having to be ready for almost any fishing style requires plenty of thought and preparation, compounding the idea that the generic 7ft 1-3kg or 2-4kg may be the simplest way of doing things but just won’t cut it every time.

The challenge for a non-boater is often jumping on a plane and flying to an unknown waterway and potentially fishing an unfamiliar technique or two.  Having to transport 7ft or more of fragile fishing rod still provides plenty of anxiety for travelling anglers, not only are our fishing rods vital, they are also fragile and sometimes too long for some of the airlines.

Enter the two piece rod!

The Tournament Specialist Bream Series provides an unseen advantage, they are amazing rods, with a huge amount of variety across the range and can be packed into a smaller package due to being a multi piece rod.  After my first session with them, I thought to myself that they would make an awesome non-boater rod due to the wide range (from 6ft to 7ft 6 inches and regular to fast actions) and can be easily transported.

Being able to get your fishing gear to your destination is a start but being able to use a specific rod to suit a situation is a greater advantage that is hard to achieve when the requirement to fish flats, racks, marinas, pontoons and edges, require more than that generic extra fast rod.

I see the same advantages for kayaks as well, lacking the space to pack long rods can limit your options but with the ability to carry two piece rods that have the same credentials as their one piece cousins certainly help.

My trip to the Hobie Grand Final will hopefully entail the 2 piece Tournament Specialist Bream Rods and my trusty 2 piece Interlines.  I don’t think I’ll need any more than that.

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