T3 for bream

I like doing unconventional things.  I try them in the hope that it pays off and I can have another feather in my cap.  After plenty of discussions with Josh and Brad Sissins, it was decided that I would try my hand at using baitcast gear for bream.  Overkill I hear you say, well to fish the spinning fluorocarbon that I have become accustom to using, along with beefing up the line class has meant there is a limit on how well a spin reel will hold the line, add to this equation the limited ability that I possess and it has certainly been a challenge!

A spin reel is great due to its simplicity, accuracy and useability but once you start using 6lb and above on small spin reels, the line can often have a mind of its own.  Using quality fluorocarbons help and I have found that the new Daiwa Brave has reduced my mishaps but lately I have wanted to entertain the idea of running heavier line classes without losing the accuracy and useability for nasty structure.

With limited experience in baitcasters, I dove in the deep end and got myself a T3, spooled it with 6lb Brave spinning fluorocarbon and have been using this with improving success.  The T3 has worked out a great option due to the T-Wing, compensating for the novice operator and helping with my casting.

Although I have some experience with this type of gear when I spent a week in PNG chasing Black Bass, that was casting 30-60 grams lures, compared to fishing for bream where lures range from 3-6 grams. I am still getting a bit of back lash but with persistence, I now have the ability to fish fluorocarbon, in heavier line classes, around nastier structure.

5 responses to “T3 for bream

    • Hi Dale,
      It was more about bumping up the line class rather than accuracy but it has added a new dimension. I’ll do a follow up soon.

      Chris Seeto

  1. Hi Chris … I’m thinking similarly .. been looking at the Shimano Chronarch 50E … it’s left hand wind and suppose to be a good entry level finesse BC .. able to chuck chubby’s and I was thinking bass more than bream but don’t have experience with BC … was going to put on braid but now you have me thinking
    What did you mean by the comment …”The T3 has worked out a great option due to the T-Wing, compensating for the novice operator and helping with my casting.” And .. where do you get the Diawa Brave FC from?
    Cheers .. Steve

    • Hi Steve,
      The T3 has the T-Wing (check out the second photo) which allows line to come off the spool with even pressure, preventing backlash. Check out the T3 Ballistic as a cost effective alternative.

      The Daiwa Brave can be bought from any Daiwa stockist, they may need to order it in if they don’t have it.


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