Myth Busted

Maybe I have been out of the market just a little too long.  To me, Daiwa meant Certate & Exist Reels, Steez Rods and of course $$$$ signs. Don’t get me wrong, the above rod and reels have earned their reputation for high-end quality tackle but I couldn’t have been more further from the truth when thinking Daiwa was just too pricey.

I was lucky enough to visit the Daiwa Warehouse the other week and had the pleasure to meet Bradley Sissins.  It is through Brad’s hard work and devoted passion that he has developed products specifically for Australian use.  There are actually some really nice quality rods and reels that suit the budgets of the everyday family.

If you haven’t famaliarised yourself yet with the Generation Black range then I suggest you get into your local tackle shop and take a look. What sold me was: –

1. The lightness of each rod in the range. The high-end components are what makes these rods so light

2. The ergonomic design of the reel seat and grips. It sits so comfortably in your hand and when you are fishing for 7 hours a day this is important

3. The classy matte black finish and Fuji Alconite guides

4. The price, coupled with a Freams reel you can pick up a combo for under $350 recommended retail

5. And last but not least the name. Pretty cool I think with names such as “Itchy Twitchy”, “Pinster” etc;

If you are in the market for a new rod, do yourself a favour and check out “Generation Black” for yourself. For more specifications visit Daiwa’s website at:

8 responses to “Myth Busted

  1. Iam starting to see what the Diawa hype is all about, I brought a couple of Freams reels they have a fantastic drag. They helped me land a bass of a lifetime on the weekend 54cm to the fork Aussie Bass. Thanks Guys at Lureand Without you recomendations I might not have landed it. Daiwa is Great gear

    • Thank you Paul. That is a fantastic Bass and certainly is a fish of a lifetime. Glad to hear you weren’t let down. Keep up the great fishing.

  2. have now finished my purchases for next years ABT. specialist bream rod 7’6′ with exist 2004 2lb fluro straight through, steez combo 8lb tiger braid 4lb fluro leader, specialist bream rod 7’plus certate 2500 3lb fluro straight through,black label 7′ rod and Luvias2000 reel 8lb braid plus 4lb furo leader, Black label 6′ 9′ 6-10lb with caldia 2500 for rack fishing, backup rods and reels:- Luvias rod and reel 2500 combo, black label rod and fream reel 3 of these.
    love thes outfits. you got to love the new Daiwa gear. also have a T3 on a samari rod 20lb out fit bought for barra and snapper but a real flathaed killing outfit.

  3. Yes I have also recently bought my first Daiwa outfit after having mostly Shimano gear for many years for no particular reason.
    I now have fallen in love with my new Certate 2004 & Daiwa Black Label rod. Not to get some comps over here in the West…..

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