The last few weeks have been purely about tournament tactics, the ABT Classic Championship, then the big one, the ABT Grand Final and next weeks Hobie Grand Final mean that I will have fished a huge amount of tournaments in a short period of time, as well as an extended period away from home.

The ABT Grand Final has been a great end to a relatively ordinary year for me, making the cut and being able to fish the final day is certainly a privilege that I will cherish.  The challenge for me was the reduction in the arena size due to some truly horrible weather.

This forced me to learn a valuable lesson in arguably the most important session of the year, adjust my plan and pattern.  Wind, rain and tide created water conditions that were unlike every other day that I have fished with the area.  With some apprehension, I took some advice from Greg and Cam Whittam, Cam suggested that “a pattern is a pattern, which is a pattern” and I should stick with what I was already fishing and Greg looked at the weather conditions and identified that it was “just like Sydney Harbour”.

This confirmed it for me, I’d stick to fishing the canals and marinas but this time the one’s confined to the Bribie Island area rather than the Scarborough area.  It didn’t go to plan but wasn’t as horrible as it could have been, I only managed one but got out of the wind and spent some valuable time in the canals and marinas.

With the eventual winner spending time in the canals as well, the pattern certainly should have held up but I suspect that some angler input was required.  What I’m saying, I wasn’t good enough to get them, even though they were there.

Another lesson learned, be flexible…

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