Lucky 7 with Steven Philp

Steven Philp, importer and distributor of Smith and Varivas takes our Lucky 7 interview this week.  Steven has fished in some amazing locations with some great catches to show for it.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Steven Philp. Born in Brisbane moved to Papua New Guinea in 1987, returned to Cairns in 1995 where I still reside.

2. What part do you play in the fishing community today?

Importer Distributor of SMITH & VARIVAS into Australia, Fishing tour and Charter operator.

3. What was it that really got you into fishing and how old were you?

I always fished as a child whether on the family property west of Brisbane or on Morton Bay, but what really got me into fishing was learning how to scuba dive at 12. The time on the ocean increased, and fishing and diving both just seem to go hand in hand.

4. What is your greatest fishing memory?

Wow that is impossible to answer. Too many memories, too much fishing, too many destinations over the year’s all trips have some special memorable point.  Spending many years at the helm of my charter boat I would have to say watching a good friend catch that once in a lifetime fish, or maybe the rums on the back deck in the evening anchored up at the reef.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I keep telling my wife I am going to retire but she reckons I have never had a real job to retire from so I guess I will just keep on fishing and flying around enjoying life.

6. What’s top of the “bucket list”?

That’s top secret but those who know me on discussion of up coming plans usually just shake their heads as it always involves some remote crazy location.

7. Who do you look up to in the fishing community?

I do not really look up to anybody in particular more to the numerous mentors I have met over the years who taught me many different fishing disciplines and I am still learning today.

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