Do Your Thing……. Thing is done!

All we can say is “wow!” Who would have thought at the start of the year that we would get anywhere near raising $5000. Before was even a thing the Seeto Brothers decided they were going to donate 25% of any cash winnings to charity. This year we set up a “Do your thing” page to track the amount we would donate (I think it was Ian, in fact) and for some reason there had to be a goal amount and for whatever reason the lofty amount of $5000 was chosen.

With a few good finishes early in the year the donation amount went over $1000 which surprised all of us and at some point we all just decided to actually see if we could make that goal. We made a bit of a push around the BETS/Megabucks at Forster with a few different things including Josh shaving off his huge beard and we got almost half way to the goal amount.

We decided to leave it for a few months so as not to be too pushy and make one last big rush towards the goal during the grand final season. What has happened since is that we have raised almost $5000 during the grand final season alone and the current figure stands at $7525!

We have to give a huge thank you to some of the most important people and we want to also let you know why they got behind this in the first place in their own words.

Bradley Sissins, Marketing Manager at Daiwa Australia: ” Cancer is a ailment that has affected almost every Australian, whether it be a friend, associate, a family member or themselves, we all have had someone in our lives that this devastating disease has threatened. For myself I regard this as a great cause even more so as I am a survivor. I was diagnosed with cancer at 20 years old and spent years in treatment and recovery, that’s 23 years ago now and I will always be grateful for the help and support I received back then from the Cancer Council”.

Steve Fields, Managing Director at Hobie Cat Australasia: “Hobie Cat® has been “Shaping a Lifestyle” for over 60 years, with innovative products for healthy, happy and active people who enjoy sharing a “Fun Way of Life”. Our company essentially develops and sells products that take our customers outside, into the outdoors, onto the water and into the sun. While our products offer excitement, thrills and allow the Hobie® family to experience places and do things they may not normally have the opportunity to do without a Hobie, we are concerned and care that they take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the damage the sun’s rays can cause unprotected skin. The research and skin cancer awareness programs promoted by the Cancer Council is at the forefront of making people aware of, and protecting them from the dangers they risk in exposing themselves to too much the sun and heartache that this exposure can cause. Hobie Cat Australasia is proud to be associated with and able to assist such a wonderful organisation as the Cancer Council through our partners at

Simon Goldsmith, ABT Tournament Director: “As an organization who’s business is based on the outdoors and being in the sun, cancer, and skin cancer in particular is always at the forefront of our mind. So to be able to join forces with, Daiwa, & Hobie to raise money via the auction was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. Together we can reach a lot of people and hopefully raise a lot of money”.

Steve Morgan, Number 2 Ranked Bream angler in Australia,used some of the gear supplied by Daiwa to be Auctioned on ebay: As an angler, there are several organisations that I support. I always donate to the Volunteer Marine Rescue – I’m nearly certain that they’ll haul me out of a sticky situation one day. And as I spend lots of fishing time in the sunshine, Skin Cancer research is another no-brainer for me. As such, I was excited to be part of the gear auction. I get to fish with a great Daiwa outfit for the ultimate event of the year and then someone else gets to fish with it for the rest of its life. Win-win for all involved.

We could not have done what we have done without the help of these four people and the organisations they represent. Daiwa and Hobie for giving us the product to auction and ABT and Fishing Monthly Group for their help in making this cause known and letting us plug it as much as possible.

We don’t usually do this sort of thing but if anyone who has bid, donated or supported the “do your thing” cause for the Cancer Council or even if you just like the fact that they helped us so much, please take two minutes to send them a one line email thanking them for their help. They do see the emails and they really do appreciate them.,,,

If you’d like to make a donation to this cause, it’s not too late. Simply go to our Do your thing page and click the sponsor me button. also want to thank all the people listed below, some of whom simply donated money outright

arfy3 121015673139


Ian Seeto – Australian Bream Open 2012


keeno installs


Sean G


Luke lombari


Glenn Graham:121015659791


David Poulton – 121015653657 Kris Hickson Outfit


Marine Queensland – image usage fee (Greg Seeto)


Gamakatsu Teams Series


Warwick Cregan – Rotech Australia Pty Ltd


BETS Bream & Bass


Simon Goldsmith – ABT


Josh – St Goerges Basin kayak round 2nd place


Chris Seeto – SSBS Georges River Kayak Round


Megabream/Hobie Kayak/BETS – Forster


David Poulton – Port Macquarie BREAM Classic


Steve Morgan


Damien Nayna


Stewie Dunn


Josh – Glenelg Kayak Round


Warren Keelan


Josh – St Georges Basin kayak round Big Bream




Mark Gercovich


Todd Riches


Robert Kneeshaw



One response to “Do Your Thing……. Thing is done!

  1. Cancer is an ever evolving illness that affects many Australians. Personally I’ve know close friends wo have suffered this dreaded illness in many of its forms. Sme I’ve seen overcome it and continue a normal life, others not so fortunate. I’ve had quite a few family members who have also suffered, including my Mother and Brother. And if we can make a difference by giving what we can, then we shod all do so. Thank you for this great indicative. Brad, Steve, Simon and Steve for supporting the cause!

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